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SongPop Support June 05, 2013 Announcements

For those of you who have wam_dummy email addresses or pop_email accounts via SongPop, you can now email us to have us change this to your own email address. Doing this will make it so you can request for and change your password at any time, which means you will never lose access to your SongPop account progress. 

If you would like to make this change, please send an email to support@songpop.zendesk.com with: 


1.) Your current SongPop email/username. 

2.) The email address you would like to use for your account. 


Once I have this information, I'll make the change to your account and send you a way to verify your email with us. Then you can reset your password if you like, or just get back to playing! 


We're here to help, let us know if you have any questions.

EVCPop Mar 18 6 Announcements

Now available on Android v1.12, and coming very soon to Facebook and iOS.

[UPDATE 3/24: 1.12 is now available for iPhone and iPad! Download it here.]

SongPop's latest update is loaded with features to help you discover and collect all the great new content available each week.

DAILY REWARD! Get a new FREE PRIZE every day you play SongPop. Prizes include Coins, Powerup, and even new Playlists.

FREE NEW PLAYLIST TRIALS! Ever wanted to check out a new playlist before parting ways with your hard-earned coins? Now you can play every New Release playlist once for FREE! Free Trials are only good during a playlist's New Release week, so come back every week to try all the new playlists.

REPORT SONG! If you think a song has any errors or doesn't belong in a playlist, now you can use the "Report Song" feature at the end of a challenge to send us feedback.

Be sure to update to the latest version of SongPop in the Google Play store, and stay tuned for the Facebook and iOS release announcement.

PLAY NOW --> http://bit.ly/OsV2dQ



SongPop Support Feb 06 Announcements

We are currently making some changes to our music catalog. Only two playlists are significantly affected: Pro Wrestling and Anime. These changes are permanent and will not be "fixed". These playlists are no longer available in our shop. If you already purchased these playlists prior to the changes, you will be able to continue playing on these lists, but your opponents who do not own the list will not be able to purchase the list themselves. We will gladly refund your purchase of Pro Wrestling and/or Anime. Just email us (support@songpop.zendesk.com) with your SongPop Username or the Email Address you use for SongPop, and which of these playlists you own, and we'll make sure you get your refund for this playlist and we'll add 100 coins extra so you can deactivate this playlist if you no longer wish to continue playing with it. Please be sure to let us know that you've seen this post so we do not try to explain to you this situation again before we refund you. As always, we're here to help. Let us know if you have any other questions or feedback regarding these changes. 





SongPop Support Jan 09 Announcements

We're sorry to say that there is no longer any change username function within the SongPop app. Also, we do not have access to change your username for you. Please do let us know if you have any other questions.


Devin September 26, 2013 87 Suggest A Playlist! / Suggest A Playlist!

We're currently putting together our Halloween playlist for 2013 and would love all of your suggestions for it! Please use this format:


Artist - Song Title


(Just to clarify - we'd love for this to be a mix of Classic Halloween songs but newer songs are great too)

Bobby Pickett - Monster Mash