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Shared Account Apr 11 Announcements

A quick heads-up to our players. Due to changes in restrictions from our content providers, we are making some adjustments to several of our artist spotlight playlists, effective immediately.

Re-entering the shop:
- Elvis Presley (formerly "King of Rock")

Leaving the shop:
- Bruce Springsteen

Still available, but with adjusted tracklistings:
- Aerosmith
- Beyoncé
- David Bowie
- Michael Jackson

We apologize for any inconvenience, but please rest assured that we are constantly working hard to bring all your favorite music back to SongPop!

Shared Account Apr 7 90 Announcements

It's time for another round of the SongPop Community Challenge! Last month, our players submitted tracks for the "Desert Island 80's" playlist, and came through with hundreds of quality choices for an awesome list!


For the month of April, our theme is... songs that make you stand up and say, "I LOVE That Song"! The rules are simple:


1) Suggest up to ten songs of your personal favorites to add to the playlist. (If you post more than ten, we will only consider the first ten you've submitted.)

2) There are no restrictions on decade or genre -- it's any song that you can't help but turn up when it comes on the radio, or put it on repeat when your MP3 player is on shuffle mode! 50's rockabilly? 80's synthpop? 90's hip hop? Last year's indie hits? It doesn't matter -- if you love it, it's good enough for us. :)

3) To prevent the playlist from being taken over by any one artist, songs by the same singer or group will be limited to the five most popular choices.


Submissions to this community curated playlist will be accepted through April 15th, 2015. After this date, the SongPop content curators will sift through the submissions and prep the playlist for release! We look forward to seeing what you come up with -- don't be scared, give us those songs that YOU love! Ready to get started? Simply post your favorites below!


Shared Account November 19, 2014 Announcements

We have recently become aware of an issue affecting certain users where they are unable to reinstall SongPop, MoviePop, TravelPop, HelloPop, and other FreshPlanet apps on their Android device after updating to Android Lollipop 5.0. 

According to reports, this appears a problem within Android Lollipop 5.0, and it is affecting certain apps built using Adobe Air (such as SongPop and other FreshPlanet applications). Adobe are aware of the issue, and have escalated it to Google. Unfortunately, we do not currently have a timeframe for an update or solution as of yet.

If you are experiencing these issues and would like us to update you when the issue is resolved, please contact us using the "Submit a Request" link above and we will notify you as soon as there is a solution to this problem.