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Missing bands:AC/dc & Metallica
1 vote 5 comments
Songlist Request: NU METAL
13 votes 12 comments
Statistics of Wins & Losses (Monthly and Lifetime)
17 votes 11 comments
Your IDEAL SongPop
5 votes 6 comments
Scoreboards and rankings
10 votes 5 comments
New Scoring System explained
11 votes 23 comments
Displayed location
9 votes 32 comments
Menu setting for automatic next challenge
1 vote 3 comments
Coins or playlists as gifts for others
12 votes 11 comments
Become facebook friends with players
18 votes 13 comments
stop the possibility of deleting a challenge just before the end of the tournement
17 votes 10 comments
Please don't use live recordings or re-recordings
58 votes 46 comments
Ability to delete profile picture or unlink it from Facebook !!!
7 votes 13 comments
New scoring system?
1 vote 16 comments
Ability to create tournaments with friends
0 votes 2 comments
Shuffle Playlist option
4 votes 3 comments
Bring Back Random Player Feature Please!!
313 votes 392 comments
Don't like the Daily Best Matches on top
23 votes 19 comments
Previous opponent button.
7 votes 2 comments
Windows Phone 8 version
29 votes 15 comments
Add a weekly leader board
6 votes 4 comments
Erase a playlist!!! Completed
378 votes 208 comments
change the scoring system
3 votes 11 comments
Coins for 5 Star achievement
50 votes 17 comments
Incentive for buying new playlists.
41 votes 16 comments
Higher (or differently counted) challenge limits for all
11 votes 9 comments
Credit a win when opponents won't play!
36 votes 17 comments
Add a confirmation field for shuffling songs
21 votes 7 comments