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Statistics of Wins & Losses (Monthly and Lifetime)
17 votes 11 comments
Coins or playlists as gifts for others
12 votes 11 comments
change the scoring system
3 votes 11 comments
Don't allow opponent to see your guess before they have guessed.
5 votes 10 comments
stop the possibility of deleting a challenge just before the end of the tournement
17 votes 10 comments
not loading
1 vote 9 comments
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0 votes 9 comments
petition to bring back this playlist
3 votes 9 comments
Give examples for new playlists
6 votes 9 comments
Higher (or differently counted) challenge limits for all
11 votes 9 comments
Cheapest Nike Air Max 90 Black
0 votes 8 comments
several "improvements"
10 votes 8 comments
1 vote 8 comments
People who come on for 1 challenge of their choice and then leave
0 votes 7 comments
"Send Challenge" button does not work.
2 votes 7 comments
Some additions to playlists to improve our favourite game
0 votes 7 comments
Export Liked songs to Spotify Playlist
5 votes 7 comments
To be able to delete players that stop or don't accept play option..
10 votes 7 comments
Add a confirmation field for shuffling songs
21 votes 7 comments
[Guarda!] The Shack (2017) Film Completo Streaming Ita-HD Gratis
0 votes 6 comments
each day one party without powerups
8 votes 6 comments
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0 votes 6 comments
Swarovski Pendants Sale UK
0 votes 6 comments
Bring Back Wrestling Music.
2 votes 6 comments
Linkin Park playlist
6 votes 6 comments
U have destroyed this game
5 votes 6 comments
Your IDEAL SongPop
5 votes 6 comments
[-Regarder~fast & furious 8 film (2017) Streaming vf hd Complet
0 votes 5 comments
What Happened to the Daily Spin?
1 vote 5 comments
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0 votes 5 comments