If while playing SongPop you experience the wrong artist or song in the wrong genre or any combination thereof, please report this so we an get these issues addressed. We need to know the Playlist, the song/artist that is wrong, and what it should be. :)

80's Movie Songs Completed
27 votes 33 comments
70s Supersounds Completed
25 votes 44 comments
80's TV Themes Completed
21 votes 29 comments
Pro Wrestling Completed
9 votes 31 comments
9 votes 3 comments
80s British Invasion- major error Completed
8 votes 10 comments
Wrong artist Completed
7 votes 20 comments
Layla...decide who recorded it! Completed
6 votes 4 comments
80s Synth Pop Completed
5 votes 15 comments
Headbanger rock list and Phil Collins??? Completed
4 votes 1 comment
take movie pop pff song pop
3 votes 3 comments
MTV Unplugged 90's & 2000's Completed
3 votes 3 comments
Wrong playlists?
3 votes 14 comments
70's Collection - Stuck in the Middle With You has wrong artist Completed
3 votes 10 comments
"Best Guitar Songs" - "The Thrill Is Gone" by BB King Completed
3 votes 1 comment
90s country wrong song Completed
3 votes 8 comments
80's Break Up Songs
3 votes 5 comments
Report Wrong Artist Completed
3 votes 25 comments
Guns N' Roses Live and Let Die Completed
3 votes 3 comments
US tv themes Completed
3 votes 11 comments
more of a complaint
3 votes 39 comments
an updated 70s glam rock playlist the one we have is very bad Completed
3 votes 1 comment
Twenty One Pilots
2 votes 0 comments
Daily bonus
2 votes 0 comments
Please Make "Top Hits of....." the Top Hits of that year Not planned
2 votes 1 comment
Amorphis - Black Winter Day Picture Wrong
2 votes 0 comments
Hard Rock- wrong artist
2 votes 1 comment
Eurovision 2010-14 Completed
2 votes 1 comment
Wrong Songs in 90s Electronica Completed
2 votes 2 comments
90s Dance Pop! Completed
2 votes 0 comments