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The time is now .. shine your light ... show what we came for!



  • Felipe Barao

    It starts small ..u do the babe steps ...lil by lil ... love comes ...light enters ... what was a shame or injustice is now seen! Many are called but only a few decide to be first responders ... the ones that decide to be the frontliners have to go against a system that is there to set us all to failure but most already accepted to live in doctrine (George Orwell animal farm ) we are all animals .. trying to survive or compensate to get ahead in life ...sometimes forgeting about the others animals ... as long as I am the lion 🦁 I am good ...long story short God sent a 🐑 (that does and drops just one tear drop) to show that a revolution starts in silence...u fight the war not exposing what makes us different but what bring us together ... anything in this space separating us all (all all all) is a manipulation and a lie the system created to take our power away! Remember that we have the power ... it is just taking longer and longer for us to see the changes and everytime something more tragic has to happen to touch our numbed souls .. to make us feel empathetic about someone else’s pain ...we have all become egoist to some level .. all ...all

    Vanity and influencers hate me for bringing and taking the real thing is not time anymore to keep using the same excuses .. the past can’t be changed .. only recognized and amendments of peace so we can go towards a new path.

    The revolution is not only about Black lives matters .. it is about being gay, trans, gospel, evil ... and yes, I have to say that! Because one of the common grounds is respect ...

    If only we could respect ✊ each other without crossing the line with hate and intent to enslave others that are less than us .. immigrants ... different sex .. religion ... color ... but the ego has created this in us .. a mind that to be good enough we have exclude and condem and not accept what we just as superior ... hitler style like ... and u saw the devastation there! he was Austrian and able to manipulate and deceive another country that was not even his! How so? Sometimes we stay silent but other times we have to be the ones to stand up and say ...nopeee ... not anymore, that’s not fair! It may come conflict and wars which we have always been in .. we just ignore to see because they are not affecting us directly or a loved one ...Syria, Africa, China, india ... the systems are fighting and using us to defend whose interests? The 1200 was sent with which purpose?? A Trump check? They had to be delayed because we needed his signature or whatever ... I mean, is it a humanitarian help or an autograph like saying, here you have your payment for being enslaved this many years .. that’s the fair portion I am sending u ... vote for xxxx ... the system is about to go bersake! The revolution has started ... I hope u understand the message! May love, integrity and respect be the common grounds leading us All to the new times ... no need to left anyone behind ..everyone is invited! I hope u come join me in light prayer and cleverness ... to know who is who and what is what! The system is also this that I am using now ... it looks gloomy and harmless but 60% of relationships end because social media related issues ... on another note! I know .. I am also using it and don’t judge ... but the point is not this .. don’t miss the point... let’s focus on the common ground ... together we are stronger .. we can vote for what we believe .. go vote people and choose your playlist wisely! ❤️❤️❤️✌️✌️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️

  • Felipe Barao

    I wanna apologize for the times I discriminated or did something like that .. even without paying attention . The pain u feel is your and only u feel it .. who u are and what y do with it is also very personal ..but if u wanna fight for lives ... for better times .. I am here ...


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