• David Kosko

    I play 3 games and it will not load the 4th and I'm done for the evening! What's up?

  • MArie SEttles

    Having problems with loading issues on Song Pop. Please fix it

  • MArie SEttles

    This is crazy can play other games but Song Pop will not load.

  • Marsha Barnhouse

    my song pop won't load. i've been playing it until a couple days ago

  • Chris Bennett


  • Andee Johnson Murray

    I've tried pop won't load.....need answers~~ Please :)

  • Deb Wagner

    It won't let me in either please fix.

  • Mommy552

    I'm glad I found this topic.  For the past couple of days, Songpop keeps saying it's loading and will not load.  Clearing my cookies helped the first time, but now I'm back at square one.  Have tried through 3 different browsers and still nothing.  I'm glad it's not just me.  I sure hope they get this fixed...I can load and play my other games also...can also get in on the app on my phone but I don't wish to play from that.  I'm so addicted to Songpop and truly miss it.

  • Mommy552

    I've also checked and I have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player...totally frustrated.  Are you all trying through Facebook also?  I'm considering trying through Twitter, but I don't know if I can get to my account from there.  I'd assume I can because on the app on my phone, it goes right to it.

  • Ncandtex

    Can NOT get Song Pop to load, tried everything possible, cookies, download all Microsoft updates, checked java, checked adobe, still NOTHING.....EXTREMELY Frustrated!!..It would appear that someone from "Facebook" would give us some type of reply and instructions as to how we ALL can solve this problem!!!

  • Maureen Turner
    I get songpop on my iphone4 says wrong address
  • Clawson203
    Song pop sucks. Can't get it to load and customer support just leaves you hanging
  • Kimberly A Lewis
    Apsoultly fun and great.
  • Raw1764

    I'm also having problems with loading Song Pop.  I too am sick of the lame excuses FB tells us like problems with cookies, my version of Flash Player, my version of Explorer.  If Facebook would stop searching our computers to see what OTHER sites we've been on in order to customize it's advertising to its users then maybe things would run smoother.  HEY FACEBOOK - STAY THE HELL OUT OF OUR INTERNET HISTORIES AND STOP SPYING ON YOUR MEMBERS!!!

  • Linda Weaver
    I can not get in to Song Pop

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