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  • Vüsal Həsənov

    Hi to everybody!

    Need to get David Bowie playlist. Once released it was somehow removed from the market, but still I can buy it from the profile of my game partners if they have it. So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! IF SOMEONE HAVE GOT DAVID BOWIE PLAYLIST, PLEASE ADD ME, SO I CAN GET THIS PLAYLIST FROM YOUR PROFILE! YOu WON'T LOOSE ANYTHING OF COURSE. USERNAME: wam_331949511

    Anyone else feel free to send challenge requests.


  • Marko Petrovic

    Im a daily player

    markopetrovic911 add me :)

  • Lisa Bellini Sabo

    Add Me my usernamere is lisa,sabo.90 Like most types of Music Not Big on Country 

  • Sydney Bristow

    I play SongPop every day, multiple times a day, at the moment I have 537 playlists and I am up to any genre 

     My username is sydneybristow

  • Stephen Decker
    I play everyday and love all kinds of music. Please send me a challenge and I will accept it!! My username is stephen.decker. Thanks!!
  • David T-pain Lee

    add me I play lots davidhotlee

  • Sarah

    add me, my username is qws, only these three words

    I play Metal and Blues most

  • Jesschesney13

    add me on songpop my user name is jessChesney13

  • Ripduke2006

    My username is biggesteminemfan I will play anything but only English and anything older than 70's music I won't play I have 109 playlist so far I add more playlist every Sunday and Wednesday (if I want any of the new playlist) I also Don't listen or know newer music

  • Szymon Różycki

    Hi one time again. Sincerely I am good player. I have only 60 playlists, 20 mastered and over 30 with 4 stars / notes or more. I have been playing regularly from January 2013 so 4 years. Earlier I played by a few weeks in 2012. Would like to say I am open on every kind of music but not prefer heavy metal, country and some domestic like disco polo and traditional folk Polish music. I knew last time Calvin Harris and he has a few poor songs but How Deep is your love and Thinking About You are really really great. Beat in these songs is what I like and like to dance by it. I'm thankful my father I knew British Invasion especially Led Zeppelin (how many achievements of their records they had and how power and sound has their music) and Pink Floyd. He listened British bands in school in socialist time of Poland.
    Username: Sajmenos


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