Lost Contact With An Opponent




  • Suseyb
    Looking for Billy M from Sheffield, profile picture is a motorbike. Don't know his username, had some really good games and chat, would like to play some more. Can anyone help
  • Suseyb
    Looking for Billy M from Sheffield, profile picture is a motorbike. Don't know his username, had some really good games and chat, would like to play some more. Can anyone help . My name is Sue B but my user name is sue.butler.9
  • Mo Pugh
    Last night I have accidentally deleted a user that I had great games and chat with. The username was something like rd'ily - I have tried all kinds of variations of this but to no avail!! If this is you or you are playing this person, please can you ask them to re-challenge me, my username is MummyMo - many thanks and my fingers are crossed.
  • Nancy Rowan Grimm
    Lost Don M in GA-I think Stockbridge-who lived in MI at one time. Had fun playing & chatting. I took a hiatus for a couple months & he was not on my list when I came back. My SP username is nancy.r.grimm. Thx
  • Robin Murray
    I was playing a great opponent from California - I just looked and where his name is -says game over... That's only been a few min and now i can't remover his user name nor what city in Ca he lives . My user name is zookeeper -
  • Robin Murray
    Hi to Melissa .m.mcnally- just wanted to share with you that I too, have played some great opponents lately, ones that are fun to talk to and then all of the sudden- ( just because I'm winning more than them) , they delete me .. Its happened at least a dozen or more times so i kniw its not accidental . It really makes me mad cause i play at least 8 people who whip my butt every week!! And I mean like 25-1 or higher ... But I am not a quitter , and it bugs me when soneone quits just because they are losing ...
    Thanks - had to vent that !!
  • Jennifer Olson
    Jen Olson( jenniferfavre4meolson) misses my Kevin H from Oregon like crazy. Please come back i need you!
  • Melissa Giamos
    This is Mel (Adelaide) .. I lost my Song Pop (CHAT POP) friend from Darwin... where did u go?! Your turn!!
  • Marisa Harefeld
    I lost Bo C. He is from Tennessee.
  • Andrea Martinez
    Hello my name is Andrea M. I have lost a good opponent and someone I consider a frIend. Please reconnect us somehow it would mean alot to me. His name is Derick J. from St. Louis. Thankyou
  • Shawna Lea Ford
    Shot in the dark, but here goes...

    This morning I woke up and our game had ended :(. We were chatting last night. You are Joey C from Tennessee. You like to test me with hair bands and metal. I fought back with Canadian artists. Please find me again! I'm in Little Rock, AR.. Canuckgirl83
  • Cindy Lynn
    Scott B Chicago Il. Friend me on fb. Cindy Lynn
  • Pam Switzer

    Looking for Sarah N? Can't remember last name. This is Pam S or I might have been pink pam 13 when we were playing

  • Kerryblues
    I am lookin for Denise Clark from US. Miss our late nite chats & playing. Your email was Seeress258@aol. Your account was deleted. Your then played in your daughter Deni's acc. I was gone for 3months due to hospitals etc. came back and you we're gone. Please get in touch. Our time & convos were special
    Hoping to hear from you soon
    My username kezza
  • Kerryblues
    My username kezza64
    Email kerryblues@ymail.com or find me on fb again
    Hope to hear from you again Denise Clark :)
  • Kathryn Russell
    I'm looking for Bruce G from Red Deer. I woke up one morning and it was game over. We had too much fun playing and talking so I'm assuming this was a mistake. Hopefully you check on here because I miss playing with you. Kathryn R from Fredericton or sometimes Halifax...lol. Add me on Facebook if you want to reconnect. Kathryn Russell.
  • mark sanders
    A while ago now I was playing marisa_1234 and it sometimes came up with marisa r. One day the game was over and never heard from her again. If you ever see this message and wanna get in contact my email is m-sanders5@sky.com
  • Anne Dalton
    Looking for Betty H. All of a sudden I had a "game over" and tried everything to by-pass it--

    My name is: Anne D.
    Pueblo, CO on Facebook


    My song pop id: wam_232284175
  • Anne Dalton
    Betty H---still hoping to find you--Mia you at 3am--your friend with insomnia--Anne D--see post Dec 1 for my ID
  • Ashley Buzzell
    "ashley.buzzell.52 " I lost a game due to it deleting and saying game over and now I can no longer play " Eric P."
  • Karen Valentine

    Looking for Ed S....he was my favorite player and song pop friend.  I must have deleted him by accident.  please look me up again....I can't find you.  Karenv913@aol.com

  • Karen Valentine

    Looking for Ed S....he was my favorite song pop player and song pop friend.  Ed if you ever see this my user name is karenv913@aol.com.  I deleted you by accident i guess 

  • Melanie Wallace
    My user name is melanie.wallace.142. Lost contact with an opponent who used to be in the military. Nice guy; miss playing SongPop with him. Hopefully u will get in touch with me.
  • Melanie Wallace
    melanie.wallace.142.: still trying to get in touch with the nice guy who used to be in the military & is very good with soul music catagories. Miss playing the game with u.
  • Kim Pitman
    I just accidentally deleted someone and I don't even know who it was. my username is kimipitman. I have never deleted or game overed anyone on purpose so please re challenge me if you want to.
  • Kerryblues
    Kim Pittman
    Get hellopop. The person should show up in your contacts or chat & you can rechallenge them
  • Carol Neill
    carolneill13, I am looking for Andy rollo , user name pop -with a load of numbers after it, I would be really grateful if anyone could help
  • Kerzie Wildrick

    Looking for Misty J from Brazil, indiana--my name is Kerzie W

    Songpop username- farreach56


  • Tina Glew
    I was playing against gary l from newcastle and deleted him, really loved chatting to him and would love to get in touch, I was living in farnborough but am noe back in peterhead
  • Eugenia Slater
    Help! I'm "tome2" and I accidentally deleted RG64 something. Can't remember the exact user name. :( Been enjoying playing with you. Hope you see this....

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