Lost Contact With An Opponent




  • Mary Troia Hermansader
    I am Mary H from Oakley CA and I accidentally deleted David. I can't remember if it was David B or C. Sorry, I didn't mean to, and I hope you add me again!!
  • Tanja Duncan
    I'm looking for Kathy S. from Tracy. Had the best games with you. Plz look me up again. Username is ninerchick (all lowercase) Also can look for me on fb.
  • Tohelenback

    I'm looking for Brian H from Nottingham, had the best games with you! My user name is Helen K. Please look me up on facebook - my name is Helen Keating-Old.

  • Terrie Harris
    I am looking for DON. Unk last name. We played for a long time. I should know it...I deleted u by accident. Sorry.
  • Sabine Massé

    bonsoir, je recherche le joueur Jérôme V.

  • Becky Lynn Mullins
    I am looking for my favorite opponent Jim W. from Evans Georgia. I couldn't play song pop for a few days. When I got back to playing you were gone I didn't even see that you were deleted, you were just gone! I miss plying against you such a worthy opponent! I am Becky M. From Mi. Find me!!
  • sara moorehead
    I lost contact with a great player Sean D hope u see this and we can start playing again :-) Sara M
  • Alice Horne
    Hello ray if you see this add me on songpop alice (tesco lol)
  • Janet McMurray
    I just accidentally deleted a great player!! My name is janetpurple and I am looking for Marilyn from Michigan!! Sorry!!
  • Gcbattisti
    Hi, trying to reconnect with Billy A out of New York. My user name is dippiehippie67 Miss playing with you!!
  • Carolinelawrence1

    Hi I am looking for rd1lly really miss our chats I lost all my songpop account and along with it all my contacts i was using user name Caroline l but am now using carolinelawrence123 I have tried to re request you but you have too many players please delete my old one and I will keep trying to request you. I was so sad when it all went loved chatting with you. 

  • Mommy552

    Caroline, I feel your pain.  I lost contact with someone and couldn't for the life of me figure out why he deleted me.  I posted on here and nothing.  Finally decided to check out other people who I play with to see if I could find him on their list.  I did find him on another player's list...asked her if she'd ask him what happened...turns out his computer crashed...I finally got up the nerve to challenge him again...and he's back playing...isn't chatting nearly as much but at least he's there.  That's a suggestion for and for anyone looking for an opponent lost maybe...good luck!!!  I know how disheartening it is when you lose a partner you look forward to seeing on here when you come to the game each day.  I remember seein' game over beside his name, and I was floored.

  • Srp11857

    I'm looking for Dixie B from Iowa.  We had some wonderful song pop challenges for months and then I clicked on a red "end of game" on Monday morning and she was gone.  I'd really like to find her so we can continue our challenges.  She's about the only one that gives me a run for my money.  Thank you !!

  • Melissa Mule McNally

    Hey Dave R, think I scared you off lol! My user name is melissa.m.mcnally if you ever feel like playing again x

  • Larry Dengler

    IM larry d looking for Kathy from brooklyn new york, who has great looking tattoos and kicks my butt often...lol

  • Leslie Hamm

    Leslie H looking for Ricky Y from ME. Accidentally deleted you. Don't want to lose you.

  • Leslie Hamm

    Leslie H from NC trying to connect with Ricky Y from ME. My user name is leslie.hamm.12

  • Denise Huber Kader
    I lost a friend on here somehow. It just says Game Over & I can't find him. Looking for Bill D from the Ravenna Oh area that owns an A/C & Heating business. I'm from the Elyria area but the GPS puts me all over. I hope you find me again
  • Denise Huber Kader
    I just posted I was looking for Bill D from Ravenna OH but forgot to list my username: wam_259504725. Denise K
  • Marcon58

    recherche Vincent C de la rive-nord de Mtl

  • Andrea Araujo Sousa
    Andrea A. de Aracaju gostaria de reconectar com Daniel C. de Curitiba. Meu username é tnandrea
  • Sandrine Pacheco
    Je recherche jerome marier avec deux enfants
  • Tim S

    Debra K.        why did you delete me? Hopefully if there was a misunderstanding, you will tell me what it was, or if by accident......Tim S.        (tims.michigan)

  • Mary Smith
    Lost Danny S in OR would like to play more...
  • Toni West
    Looking for Todd M it said game over then he was gone. A great challenger
  • Tim Kelley

    Lost contact with opponent Melody C from NC.  My username is wodahstar2.

  • Devon Williams
    John S of Littleton
    Not sure what happened…seem to have lost you after phone glitch. If you want to play w/ Devon W of HB my user name is dwilliamsowitz
  • Zarabump

    Hi this is Zarabump   username wam_16609139.  I lost contact with Simon W - where did you go?  Enjoyed playing songpop with you :(

  • Melanie Wallace
    This is Melanie W. Looking for Stef G. What's up? Don't want to play Song Pop anymore? Really enjoyed playing the game with u!
  • Saxyier1

    My name is Jeannine Guertin, my username is jeannine.guertin. I mistakenly deleted a great Song Pop player. We are both from Mass. His name is Todd J (he is a musician/artist and his profile pic is of him sitting on the beach. He has long curly sandy blond hair. Hope to find you again in cyberspace Todd.

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