Lost Contact With An Opponent




  • Jo Banister
    Looking for Johnny O. Our game got deleted. If you see this my user name is wam_197264575. Please add me I miss playing with you!
  • T Turner

    Looking for hellokitty2. Lost contact with upgrade. Please add me gobamago

  • Peter Hollis
    Hi, I am looking for Karen M from Birmingham game got deleted with update username jaffapete 62
  • Jennifer Watt
    Hi looking for Christopher C., used to live in Cordell, Ok.. This is Jennifer W. or ? Watt?
  • Vboily

    Bonjour! Je suis Véronique B de Montréal et je cherche Sandro A. de Montréal, que j'ai perdu!

  • Suzie CollinsPuff
    My phone delete my game with Joey... and he sent me a message after but it wouldnt let me access it! Big boooo i really enjoyed our games! Hope you read this and add me back i tried to find you but couldn't!
  • Lori Mattern

    I play with a JIM F. from Reading PA....Try wam_397174799

  • Pete Grant

    I was playing an epic game with someone from Thousand Oaks, CA till I deleted him by mistake Feb 5th. I am Pete from Porterville, CA although songpop shows me as coming from Stockton most of the time. my username is ptg.blues Please add me again if you see this. I was deleting people who were not responding and deleted you by mistake!

  • Lori Mattern

    JILL KULLY - Forgot to say in my Feb 4th post that it was for you!  Hopefully you will find him!!

  • Suzie CollinsPuff
    Does anyone play a Joey from Maryland??? I miss our games my phone deleted him with.an.upgrade
  • Catherine Johnson

    Catherine.C.Johnson Username...deleted Dan N from Lewisville...stupid upgrade

  • Ted West
    Accidentally deleted Stephanie M. from Chattanooga, TN, she was good competition on SP.
  • Debrawirbelauer1958
    Lost Leslie m from Scotland in the upgrade of songpop. This is Debra. Hope you will contact me on songpop. User name is mpwamwscw. Fingers crossed!!!
  • Janine Conway
    I'm looking for Andy C from Gloucester/Cheltenham. I deleted you by accident and not because you're a Billy Joel fan. My user name is MrsC. Please add me for more Goth and Musicals :)
  • Gina Fitzpatrick

    I lost contact with a Steve R. from Queensbury New york. Can't find//

  • Tiggernpoo4ever
    I lost an epic game with Troy w. he is a great player! I hope you can find this!!!
  • sarah giebel

    im looking for marvin g from norwich my username is sarahgiebel

  • Martin Briles

    MLB2701 looking for the players I deletes playing out of Eagle Point,Or  Location says Hood River,Oregon

  • Mariea L.

    My username is mariesal and I am looking for Joe C because I accidentally deleted him. He is a good player!

  • Delorise Vansandt
    All my contacts.got lostwhen yall changed everything.
  • Suranne2004
    Hi there, my name is Sarah I & my username is wam_25413813 I accidentally deleted David T.
  • Terril Bama Swain
    Looking for a user name Courtney B female African American
  • Oilersfan94

    Looking for Le-Ann T. from Alberta,Canada I think I deleted her by mistake.Loved playing against her :'(

  • Mert Varol

    My username is Mert V.  Location is Istanbul TR.  I lost contact with Burcin S. She is also located in Istanbul TR... Help me out Admins pls :/

  • Mert Varol

    I lost contact with '' Burcin S. ''But the  'c' letter in her name was turkish so its written as ' ç '

  • Sarah Krolczyk
    Chad L.! I want you back!
  • Thomas Novielli

    I am looking for Rachael H. (I believe from red deer). It appears I accidentally deleted you by accident. If you see this, PLEASE add me back. My username is "wam_62252326". You know me as Thomas N. It's a lot of fun playing you and I hope you see this so we can continue playing :)

  • Mommy552

    Gary H from Hampton, VA,  I'm hoping maybe you ended the game by mistake.  Enjoyed playin' and chattin' with you...challenge me again please...my username is Melba P from Glen Allen, VA

  • Rebecca J Catalano
    Hi i'm looking for andy.t I deleted him by mistake. My name is rebecca j
  • Alison Miller
    Joe l from Leicester I think deleted u by mistake enjoyed our chats get in touch by song pop or fb if u can

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