Lost Contact With An Opponent




  • Daniela GMena
    My username is danygmena. I'm looking for Memo U. haha
  • Charlene Castro
    Im looking for David M, I go by charcastro
  • Charlene Castro
    David M is from California
  • Diane Willis
    Looking for Rick E. from Chicago. My username is Diane W.
  • gonniewolbers
    Gonnie wolbers Zoekt adriana K mijn naam was wesselnoes 10 of ik
  • Neil smith
    Looking for Sandi T. From Florida I'm gunslinger2 used to be gunslinger4
  • Heidi Nasser
    Ian! I didn't quit! My stupid phone arbitrarily dropped you and now I can't find you! Please challenge me! Heidi M.
  • Heidi Nasser
    I am Heidi M. Looking for Ian with the Pavarotti pic
  • Kelly Walker
    I'm looking for Dustin L. My username is funkywhitechocolate! I didn't mean to delete you I'm sorry ='(
  • Darren Lowdon

    My username is darren.lowdon looking for Wayne Kerr :-)  (no joke )

  • Nikki Baird Wilson

    my name is nikki b and my user id is bnkdp1999 looking for jose r  :) and hes a vip member so if any1 plays him tell him i'm looking for him lol

  • Patricia Le Biavant

    My name is wam-635648091 and I've lost Armel N

  • Katarzyna Lasota

    my username is KasiaL, and I have lost Domin.

  • Dion Navarro

    My user name is music-monkey. I'm trying to find user  texxast.  When I attempted to find them, it said "it's not your turn to play this quiz" but i'm not showing I have a pending game with them anymore.  ???? We had an ongoing game until the last tournament ended a day or so ago. 

  • Alma Martinez de Soto

    Dangit I accidently deleted some one I had been playing for a while now her name is Kathy, from Kentucky... user name is 86alma but my name showed as Alma d.

  • Vlad De

    Vlad De has lost Madaa and she needs saving ^^

  • todd creviston
    Hi dawn from Mississippi, this is ktm455 my daughter deleted our game when she reached the 20 game challenge max and asked me how to keep playing lol sorry, you lnow I enjoyed playing with you, not sure how you contacted me but plz do it again ok I hope you see this!
  • Zarabump

    Hi my name is Zarabump and I've lost my opponent goes by the name of Simon W. You vanished whos zapped you from my songpop:-(

  • Janet McKever
    My username is janmac. I lost contact with Jill C over a misunderstanding. Hope she will reconnect with me. Sorry I deleted you.
  • Debrawirbelauer1958
    Trying to to locate Leslie M from Scotland. This is Debra. Lost you when they updated Pop song. If you want to reconnect my username for song pop is mpwamwscw. Keeping my fingers crossed that you see this post!!

    I am looking for Craig H. Chicago Ill ... I accidentally deleted him while he was not playing & in the hospital. :(

  • Rachel
    Okay, I am crazy, super bummed! Lost contact with my favorite player! Where did you go???? :( Keith P. (Atlanta)! My game is no fun without our witty convo Find me pleeeeeeaaaase :) Rachel rachrach72
  • Rachel
    Ok. I lied. Lol. My username is rachel.m.kellison Keith P. hope we get to play again :)
  • Jill Kully

    Looking for Jim F. from Reading PA....need to FALL....my username is jill.kully  hope you will find me here!

  • Jackiehutchens
    Enjoyed playing with a player from GB I lost and would like to play with players from GB Jackie.collnshutchens.the j is not caps
  • Meversole1978
    I really enjoyed playing Danny C from Modesto. My phone deleted the game. My user name is Sassy1978. Hopefully you read this.
  • Jhall41304
    This is Jason H. Lost contact with Tracy S. Please start a game with me.
  • Peter Hollis
    Hi I'm looking for Karen M from Birmingham, this is peter h from bounremouth, username jaffapeteupdated songpop and our game got deleted... Am missing you lots please get in touch every time I try to reach you it says you have too many opponents . Come back to me please
  • Jhall41304
    My usermame is wam_270285087. I lost my Galaxy and lost all my contacts that were not listed as friends. TRACY I NEED TO FIND YOU.
  • Debrawirbelauer1958
    Leslie M from Scotland. We were deleted during the upgrade. If you want to reconnect my user name is mpwamwscw. Hope to hear from you!!!

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