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Anti - cheat control



  • Juler05

    I am so tired of getting games I supposedly sent where I have only gotten one out of 5 answers correct. I never got a score like that ever even when I first started playing on the category they are showing *80's synth pop--I always get between 20000 and 22000 or more -never would I get 4 wrong and especially on a quiz I supposedly sent. This is happening like 2-3 times a week--also I am being forced to play challenges. even if I try to delete the person-the quiz pops up while I'm playing. It should be an option to accept a challenge not mandatory and what about these people who after playing with them for a few weeks where they get mediocre scores they suddenly are getting "perfect" quizzes--24000 in the game--0.0 secs per song-impossible,.these are players that average 15000-16000 per game--the cheating in this game is becoming rampant--and I really love playing this game --I play every day--for 4 years now--please work on weeding the cheaters out--I even spring for the VIP status  I want this to be enjoyable--Thank you


    Julie Robinson

  • cshea32

    I have problems with cheaters too. One guy even sent me a message about bot players and how it's done. Somehow they have a way of knowing the answers by checking your profile or something. I deleted him and now his message is gone. I hate cheaters and SP needs to screen for these players. Are they even real people?


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