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No sound randomly?



  • Michele McLean

    This has been happening to me for well over a month now, very frustrating!

  • Judy Jewis Andryshak
    This has been happening to me for quite some time ! VERY FRUSTRATING !!!!!!!!! PLEASE FIX, PLEASE
  • Blynn Estes
    I was thinking about going VIP but with this sound issue it would be like throwing money away. Why pay for something that doesn't work! FIX THIS PROBLEM
  • Christina Lykke
    I have the missing sound problem too, very often ... Ruins the fun... So please fix it!
  • Jill Tutterow Lamb
    This has been happening to me, my mom and children for over a month now. It is very frustrating. Please fix it.
  • Cheryl Haubrich
    This has been going on for too long & I think it should have been fixed by now. I submitted a request a few weeks ago & it says it's been solved when it clearly hasn't been. I think the VIP members should be reimbursed or be given some type of compensation!
  • Onie13

    This happens to me on my phone and has for about 1 year, usually 1st song plays, then next 2 don't and 4th one might.. and shows guess as 0 secs if i guess right.  How to fix? Using a samsung.

  • Gaildavitt
    I love this game, but it's very hard to play when you randomly lose all sound. I don't mind losing, but at least give me a fighting chance. I am just hitting choices with no clue as to whats playing. Please p l ease fix it
  • chris golden

    Same problems for about 2 months now, randomly plays with no audio, strictly have to guess and if its right is show "0" seconds, but its luck....I has seen 2 others I play with with "0" seconds...Same problem with Free and Plus version....uninstalled and reinstalled multi times.....Running Samsung GS3, with current updates....PLEASE FIGURE THIS OUT


  • Teena Baker
    Same here every game !
  • megan janes
    I have only been playing for about three weeks and its been happening to me, randomly for the last two weeks. I upgraded to VIP today and it still happened. The last three songs went silent. I got one of them right, got a 0 time for it. I'm playing on a RCA tablet.
  • Tracy Philbrick

    I have had the sound going out for a couple months now. It seems to be getting worse, to the point where I cannot play anymore! I don't know if it's a tactic to upgrade, but since they have not responded...who knows.

  • Lori Kowalewski-Becker

    This started a month ago and i was able to use earbuds but now nothing Whats up Songpop?

  • Danni Leifer
    A few days ago the sound went out and it hasn't worked since. My opponents are waiting for me to play my turn!
  • Jenny Farguson
    If I can't hear my options how am I to guess the songs. I've had this app for almost 4 years and have this problem constantly for the last 4 months. How can this be resolved??!!;
  • Corinne Murphy Porter
    I have had no sound with my phone for months, how can I fix it?
  • Leslie Githens

    This happens everyday now and is completely frustrating! I've even tried uninstalling it and nothing helps. I guess I have to stop playing. What a bummer. Does anyone know a fix?

  • Don Maycumber

    I'm having this problem too. It'seems untraceably random, but has been happening A LOT as of late.
    It almost always happens after the first song or two has played, and I don't lose ALL the game's sound (effects still are normally audible), but rather only the music for the songs in play goes mute. It only happens while playing on my mobile, and my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S6. Is everyone here with this problem using Droid phones too? I can't figger it out either and have also uninstalled/reinstalled with no success.


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