Let's make VIP more appealing!



  • Lisa Pavlov
    Nice ideas Jason :)
  • Jason Vaysberg

    Thanks Lisa! :-) I hope it happens!

  • Kristi Underwood
    Nicely said Jason!
  • Jason Vaysberg

    Thank you, Kristi! :-)

  • Sangreeno

    Here!! Here!!

  • Florence Caroline Williams

    Voting mostly for the return of the 20 second clip and for free activation/deavtivation :)  But in general, some tweaking to VIP would certainly be welcome.

  • Harmony269

    Great idea....I don't think its expensive but we should get a little extra for our addiction!!!!!! But it is cheaper than drugs and alcohol ;) LOL

  • Michael Beck

    Great ideas

  • Michael Beck

    Great ideas

  • Michael Beck

    Great ideas

  • Michael Beck

    Not sure why my comments are on here 3 times.  

  • Jason Vaysberg

    Thanks for the feedback everybody! Make sure to vote for this by clicking the "me too" button if you'd like to see it happen. :)

  • Leab1980
    I agree Jason, you have my vote, but there's no me too button!!!
  • Jason Vaysberg
    If you're on a mobile phone, you won't see it unless you scroll all the way to the bottom and "view full site" because it doesn't show up on the mobile version of this website. Hope that helps!
  • Betsy Walker
    I think your ideas are great! I would love it if someone takes all of your great ideas into consideration and acts on them! Pop, Pop!
  • Jason Vaysberg
    Thanks Betsy. Appreciate it!
  • Jason Vaysberg

    Bumping since everything covering this is spam anyways.

  • Cheryl DiBenedetto
    I agree. Well said Jason. Thank you.
  • Sandrakay Robinson65
    Absolutely agree 100%. VIPS is not cheap. Let's hope Song Pop listen and appreciate us a bit more.
  • Vh0013
    I agree with all of this, I also think that we should be able to disable/enable our opponents to see our choices that we selected for each song, instead of not only turning off our opponents selection, we should be able to turn ours off from them seeing it.
  • Skinny2617
    I would love to vote for these ideas. There are some great 1s on here for sure!! I don't see a me too button??

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