Enhance The Daily Spin



  • Go4jesus123
    I do like the daily spin, but; it seems it only gives coins and powerups. Fix it where I can get more than that. Thank you.
  • Kelly Roed Keegan
    I agree with the comment above for the most part. I don't mind the prizes offered for the daily spin, it would be nice to actually land on one. The spin stops and lands on a cool prize and then the spin quickly jumps to either 2 power ups or 25 coins. I like the idea of a daily spin, but if you are going to get the same two prizes each time, why bother playing? I also refuse to pay for a spin in hopes to get a different prize!
  • Andrew R Crozier

    The daily spin is an utter CON. everyday, either 2 power ups or 25 coins, the lowest two prizes. STATISTICALLY by now I should have won 500 coins. it;'s an utter fix.

  • Jason Vaysberg

    When you when a playlist, you can trade it in for 100 coins instead!

  • Jason Vaysberg

    When you win a playlist, you can trade it in for 100 coins instead!

  • Emily A Shell
    It is rigged... I've played forever and with the new spin.2 power ups and 25 coins is all you will EVER get! Song pop just keeps getting more and more expensive. Played for years but it's beginning to be all about the money to songpop and not entertainment. Sad
  • Jason Vaysberg

    Rigged is too strong of a word. There never use to be a daily spin at all. You're getting something for free that you didn't prior. I'd be grateful. And yes, more is definitely possible. Rare, but possible.

  • Dj

    Jason, I did say it was VERY NICE. I am grateful for the opportunity of playing the daily spin, but rigged is not too strong a word, because it is clearly "rigged" as you do not have an equal chance of winning every prize offered. The game is set up (rigged) to give players the 2 lowest prizes on the board more often than the other prizes. That is called RIGGED.

  • Babette Göddel
    I only get coins (25) and pus (2). So Not my business ^^. I agree with Go4jesus123 I wanna get more that that
  • Alex GE

    Please get rid of this useless piece of garbage!!!

    It's called "songpop" not "spinpop" and is a useless waste of my time, and makes me not even want to login to play the game anymore.

  • Misty Dawn Mann-Davis
    I just want my free daily spins to come back I haven't had one in over a week I am getting concerned I looked forward to them! How can anyone complain about getting something free ! I have won the bigger prizes and chose 100 coins instead. I spend quite a big amount of money on this game and song pop 2 isn't fun as the original! My friends who can't spend money on this game depend on the free power ups and coins to keep them playing please FIX this soon. People aren't playing like they were now that there aren't any daily spins! BRING BACK DAILY SPINS FOR EVERYONE..WE LOVE THEM AND NEED THEM!!!! THANK YOU..tnt2hot1970
  • Cindy Scott Sheltmire

    What happened to the Daily Spin? I haven't gotten one in over a week! 

  • Rb Yenna
    Your version of free spins and only giving you 25 coins or constantly getting power ups is crap how about giving new songs or your choice of picking free download off complete song list

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