• Andy Carter
    Notifications have stopped working for SongPop on iPhone and iPad. Been like it for a week or more. Is there a fix on the way?
  • Paul Garrad

    Twice today We had tied scores, then it showed me as winning, maybe because I picked the songs to guess, but then after awarding me with the win, and scoring a point in my favour, it then changed it's mind, and awarded the score to the other person, why has this happened, and twice and to the same person.

  • Rodney T Brown
    There is always an error when it's time to show off the weekly scores. It won't post to social media sites.
  • Kim Garrett

    Has anyone been experiencing very slow loading of songs?  For the past  2 days, songs have been taking forever to load!  Been playing for over a year now and have never had this problem before.  HELP!

  • Linda Perugino
    I can't load any song videos from you tube. It just keeps trying to load
  • Erika Weiskopf
    Why Does Song Pop Keep Posting On My Wall, When I Have That Feature Turned Off?!?!? That Is Making Me Very Angry, & If It Keeps Happening, I'm Going To Stop Playing!!!!! :o(
  • Mag Boutoille
    Bonjour, j'ai joué a 2 defis et il me dis que j'ai utilisé tout mes defis (alors que l'on a droit a 20) pouvez vous réparer ce problème? Merci
  • Susan Bradley
    the songs are not playing this happenen thru the past 5 games
  • Kimberly Kingsley
    I keep getting games in duplicate and triplicate. Right in a row.
  • Sally Kang
    Recently i always encounter a problem that no music at all while the name of songs/artist appeared, i can only guess it by chance. Pls help to fix the problem. Thank you.
  • Robert Craythorne
    Currently encountering slow load times and server error message.
  • Dave Dickmann

    I have been playing Songpop for a while now against my friends and having fun but the last week or so the game wont load on my laptop! What do I do?

  • Christel Seybold
    Sometimes I go to play someone and I can go through all the songs and can't hear one song being played thanks
  • Donna Weaver
    Have not been able to play since Dec.23rd 2014. It says need to update but says there is no app for it. Tried to rebuy it at Amazons app store but it says I already have it. Did you discontinue this game?

  • Shannon Hardwick
    No sound can't hear songs so can't guess
  • Danielle Céré
    Been playing and no score. I've asked others. Same thing. It keeps going back to "new week".
  • Rhonda Van Cleve

    I have no scores, every time I play it resets to "new week."  This has been happening since last night.

  • Karyn Hernandez-Rodriguez
    I'm having the problem of not hearing some of the songs and also I'm not getting any progress on my stars but it's only in certain genres
  • Craig Hayes
    Like the game, but after playing a couple of people the sound cuts off and can't hear during a challenge, please fix
  • Jennifer Huse
    I had a challenge recently where the last three songs did not play. Please help! Thank you!
  • Ronniesplumbing1
    I paid for my vip renewal and it's not showing up. Can someone please help me?
  • J Johns5

    I'm having trouble showing off my scores with other people.  I've tried what's been suggested.  I usually post the results every week, and then post some very important contests with other challengers.  This is very important.  I went to do this last week, and were unable to do this.  I need help.  Maybe step by step instructions to do this with both my iPhone and desktop.

    Please help!


  • Ethan Grossinger
    After the first song is choose, it continues to play through the second song, so two songs are playing at the same time.
  • Austin Davis
    Song pop 1 is working great! I've enjoyed it so much that I decided to get song pop 2, but there's been a problem with 2. It gives my the 3 new playlists, but after it brings me to the page where I choose which playlists show, it won't let me move beyond that page. What do I do?
  • Adam Bloomfield

    Its not letting me past the edit playlist part at the beginning what do i do

  • Geert Noelanders

    Hi , i wanna challenge someone (gufigu) but the challengebutton stays grey so challenge isnt possible . Same happens with her . Can i guys check it and fix it ? Thank you so much for your help . Added a picture

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