PLEASE name and file the playlists in a user-friendly way!



  • Jennifer Louise Griffin
    I don't like the numbered pages idea. If they could just remove the "generic" lists from the international areas I think that'd be fine. Like there's no reason that you should have to scroll thru all the playlists just to get to the Spain-specific playlists. The "generic" lists should only be listed in US, UK, and CAN and foreign lists kept under their respective flags.
  • Pit

    The game is not US; it's worldwide. Therefore i agree it makes no sense to divide the lists under nations and if you do, what is the default country? But you could do one basic list that is the same everywhere which would exclude all 80s, 90s... etc lists but include all decade lists (or am i wrong). This shows how strange it is.

  • Jennifer Louise Griffin
    To me it makes perfect sense. It's an English centered game and the foreign lists are under their respective flag. The only thing I find faulty is how you have to scroll thru the generic lists to get to the 1-3 foreign specific playlists. Also, the game should be able to detect where you are and from that determine the default country, though that really isn't that big of a deal.
  • Eoin Jackson

    Yes, I agree with u Pit... It would be better to have just one list of playlists (that's segmented somehow, just to avoid a mega scroll) I'd love to see a day in the SP world where you were guarateed *one* new non-US/UK list release per week, and that the nationality of the list could be anything as diverse as Chinese one week and Croatian the next! :))

    Abolishing the flag filing system, and introducing flags beside each individual playlist instead would be a step toward making that dream version of SP possible! :)))

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