• Leroy Norman

    I would like to know this also because I have to delete challenges or upgrade.Maybe you can't delete so you have yo upgrade to play...

  • Hayley Ruck

    How on earth do I delete my challenge limit?!.  I cannot request any.


  • Ella Lapple

    if i could be a VIP for free i wold but i guess i cant so that means i need to delete challenges how do i do that?

  • Mary Beth Gibson


  • Karen Lynne Puckett

    Ok, I came here for an answer to this question. Everyone is asking the same question... How the heck do I find the answer to this??? Man...I've done it before, but for some reason, there's just no where to delete it. GRRRRR!!!!!

  • Kelli Lyn R

    Yeah...I think that if I cant delete Challenges without paying, then I'm no longer interested in playing this, sorry

  • Adrea Miramon Ming

    I'm sick of having no way to delete challenges, I do not have an IPhone, or a smartphone. I use a laptop.


  • Helen Calderone
    Swipe finger across the person you want to delete and the word delete will come up
  • Alexandra Stuart

    reading the comments.. no way to delete are we supposed to play the game?

  • Bamasquest

    I am also unable to delete challenges on my phone or my computer and I am doing it the right way!!! I cannot CHALLENGE anymore people in SongPop or MoviePop and I guess I will just have to quit playing! I will not pay for a VIP membership! If you want people to continue to play your games, then deleting challenges should WORK! Or you should offer VIP memberships for free!!!

  • Alexandra Stuart

    I can't delete challenges either.. but if you click the "x" next to some names on your FB friends list it'll clear up space for you to send more challenges

  • SongPop Support

    Please be aware you can only delete challenges from the "Your Turn" or "Their Turn" sections. To delete a challenge:

    On iOS and Android:
    - Swipe from left to right the challenge you want to delete
    - Click Delete

    On Facebook:
    - Rollover the challenge to delete
    - Click the x

    Only the challenges are deleted, not your friends :)


  • Alexandra Stuart

    Can someone please explain "rollover" please? using FB from a Mac.

  • Marianne McTaggart

    my laptop message says  you have reached your challenge limit delete some to continue  how the F@#K  do I do this.  Ive tried everything WTF!!!!

  • Michelle Jane Adair

    The same question as everyone how do i delete challenges on laptop its impossible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tonya Carr

    u don't have to delete challenge just click on pic then u can challenge them

  • Toni Farley

    I am using a laptop too, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to delete challenges to play more!! UGH!!! Very frustrating!!!


  • John Payton

    I play from facebook on a PC.  To delete challenges, I click the Home icon, then move the slider bar in the game box down all the way.  Hover your mouse pointer to the right of each challenge to make a trashcan appear.

  • Christine Long

    Does anyone know if that idea from John Payton worked?

  • Christine Long

    The home icon is not on the page with the challenges (with John Payton's idea, perhaps I don't know what I'm doing as I need a little guidance)   I wonder if anyone is following this conversation anymore...

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