Button (X) for deleting/removing playlists



  • Saraphena1997

    I totally agree with u it does seem to get frustrating at times I mean how hard would it be to add a delete button :-(

  • Kimberly Little-Givens
    I would love to delete Rap also!!
  • Almog Moreno
    I'm willing to pay in order to get rid of many playlists.
    Not just the ones that came with the app, Also playlists that I bought and now I don't want anymore.
    Just make the option because it's really annoying that those playlists come up everytime.
  • Larry Cavallo
    This is what I was searching
  • Larry Cavallo
    This is what I was searching for. The game is excellent but this would make it more "real" when it comes to a person's profile. You guys gonna make this happen in a future update? When? Please hurry and thanks.
  • Judith Hewitt
    Totally agree. I bought a couple of playlists early on and hate them now - I never use them, so why can't I delete them and buy others....? Please, please, please sort it out..!
  • Clarlyn Elgert

    I have deleted a few people from the nudge list and challenges, but it still says I have my limit of 20.....how do except the challenges I want to do when it says I still need to delete the 20?

  • Helen Jones
    I need to delete playlists that I never play. How do I do this?
  • Vjsmithscougall

    I can't believe a whole year later I'm researching this complaint and it still hasn't been rectified!  I don't understand why not; most people would buy plenty more categories if we could unload old ones.  It seems to me this would be an easy problem to fix........

  • Kimberly Little-Givens
    You can deactivate playlists, but you have to spend 100 coins to do so. It's been like that for a while now. And it was free to do so for about month because of some glitch.
  • Vjsmithscougall

    Thank you Kimberly!!!!

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