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A bit more 'user-control' over Playlist Selection please!!! :)



  • Paul Leyland
    Awesome Eoin, I share the same views or at least give us a bigger selection of just 3
  • Eoin Jackson

    Yes Paul... sounds good! :)
    I'm not fussy, don't mind what change they decide on, so long as there is some kind of new feature introduced to help out people who have over 100 lists...

  • Lisa Pavlov
    Nice suggestions!
  • Eoin Jackson

    Having given this some more thought, this is the best model I've come up with:-

    1. In the 'User Profile' section under the 'Owned Playlists' tab, a 'heart' icon could be added beside each playlist.

    2. The heart icon starts off as being grey, but when clicked on turns pink. 

    3. Each player starts off with 6 pink hearted playlists (Modern Rap, Today's Hits US, 90's Alt, Love Songs, Classic Rock, 80's Collection US)

    4. When a new playlist is bought it starts off with a grey heart. If you click on the heart, it turns pink to indicate that the new list has been added to your favourites.

    5. However, when the new list is added to faves, one of the other 6 lists is removed from faves by default.

    6. You can only have 6 favourite lists,

    7. You can choose which lists to deactivate by clicking on the pink heart beside the list, and it will then turn grey, thus removing it from favourites.

    8. How favourites would then work is... when the 3 playlist options pop up for you to choose from... the first option would be randomly selected from your 6 favourites, then the 2nd and 3rd options would be randomly selected from all remaining owned lists.


    That would be my ultimate solution to the playlisting issue. :)

  • Gaby Oegema
    Totally agree! I already got an new account just to be able to play my favorite playlists. Within a week I might need to make another account to keep playing what I want....
  • Larry Trimble
    Just wondering what some of your comments would be on some of the very explicit lyrics that have made their way into SongPop recently (e.g "F*** You!" being screamed at the beginning of the clip.)
    The inclusion of this type of lyric clearly violates Apples terms on the part of the developer...the developer rated this game as 12+ (which includes 'mild profanity'). Now I don't know where you grew up, but F*** You was never considered mild profanity anywhere in my neighbourhood.

    I brought up this issue with the developer (issue #43383) and they basically said that nothing could be done, short of creating a new version of SongPop! I say that's a pack of lies! How about just removing the offending songs!!??

  • Janet Kraft

    I totally agree!  How about if there were an icon to click to indicate you were offended and then you never hear the song again.  I would like to do that with the RAP music option because most of it seems to include a lot of swearing.

  • Mark Kolbeck

    Something needs to be done , This is a very cool game but with all these play lists its starting to lose its fun, Please consider some of these

    great Ideas !

  • Kristofor King
    I bought classical and I don't want it anymore. And I'd love to be able to delete some of the default ones!!! DO SOMETHING SONGPOP!!!
  • Wendi Jewell
    Please please please allow users to delete playlists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Tastyboi

    Why create an essay???

    I agree that the selection of 3 random lists is hard to work with but I disagree with all your options...

    I don't think it is good to always have a favorite list to choose from, as some users will always choose that list... It is best competed when they get a list they can be challenged at...

    I think the best option is that we get to rate our list from 5 stars. And the way the lists to play are chosen is based on that rating. E.g We get 3 lists to choose from. 1 can be from a 4 star rating second can be from a 3 star rating and third can be from a 1 star rating... It doesn't mean you will always get a 5 star rating list, but should be set up to get one from your 4 or 5 star and at least 1 from your 1 or 2 star.

  • Tastyboi

    Another thought... And I think this is the best and easiest option to implement.

    The 3 lists to chose from should be decided on the number of stars you have accomplished...

    If people are able to set up what lists they can select, then a lot of players will be selecting the same lists all the time. There would be no use of having the 3 random lists to chose from...

    Also, isn't it against the songpop policies to have more than 1 account?

  • Tomas Palicka

    As number of playlists grow, its more difficult and time consuming to move within. I would suggest to have an option to preselect some playlists which I consider to buy. After that playlists would located on the top of playlists. Before I buy playlist, I usually  choose  from 3 or 4.


     What do you think?.   



  • B b

    I have been trying to complete the playlist 70's collection.I was millimetres off getting all 5 stars ,then I didnt see the playlist for days. I looked under available playlists for my region(australia)and it is not listed there,when i looked under usa, it is in there now, please put it back so I can complete this playlist. 

    Why not set up playlists so players can complete thier most accomplished playlists first.When you have nearly 100 playlists on your menu 3 is a  stupid amount to select from, you should be able to choose any playlist you want to use.

  • Michael Kuhn
    Highly agree

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