stuck game



  • jasonc

    Exact same issue with me, same playlist.  

  • Lori Mcc

    game will not load just spins asked for help and sent in greenshot of the prop no response too bad I enjoyed playing

  • Rina Reti

    Im having the same trouble game sins and wont load please just  fix it 


  • Rick Casper
    Game doesn't boot up 9 times out of 10. Also game jams when it is looking for an advertisement
  • Elaine Mendoza

    This is my problem also.  Just started this week.....NOT HAPPY

  • Bridgittem

    My game is stuck...keeps saying loading but never!!

  • Judy Walton

    Me too--it is stuck loading.  What a pain!  Not sure what's wrong with it.

  • Benjamin Clapp

    The game won't load for me at all.  The picture of a record just spins and spins.  Please fix!

  • Sandbox30

    Have lots of trouble lately with loading or other errors...Have lost some of 'm y power ups too...I play everyday and this is starting to make me.not want to play please fix this FAST!!!!


  • Chelsea Farley

    No offense but you think with all these people saying they love your game, some of who have even paid for the game, you'd at least respond to the fact that your game has major issues on loading problems are you even trying to fix said issues I mean just from here this loading problem dates back a few months it would be nice to see you're actually trying to take care of the problem

  • Phantomsdesire

    I have had the same issue mentioned above.  The app is stuck on the spinning record screen.  Can't very well play if this is happening........... You guys gonna fix this or what?

  • D Bryan Amundson

    I haven't been able to load the game since Friday night and it seems as if I am having the exact same issues that have already been written about! Has anyone had the problem resolved? Also I have noticed that no-one from the Song-Pop team has even made a comment.


  • Allison Anders

    I have not been able to get into the game since last week.  Was there an automatic update from Microsoft that might have messed with SongPop?  It just shows the record player with "loading"  and doesn't go past that.  Please help!

  • Edward Adler

    I am having the same problem as Allison.  Started yesterday.  Game won't load past the home page & no sound?  Can someone suggest what to do?


  • Rablom

    The game won't load for me at all.  The picture of a record just spins and spins, keeps saying loading but never!!

  • Njguy316

    Same problem for me with the game not loading.  I tried all of the troubleshooting tips they tell you to try, like clearing your cookies and cache, but that didn't help.  Won't load in either Firefox or Chrome.  Seems to be a system issue on their end.  Hopefully they get it fixed soon.

  • Charlotte01720

    third time with the loading issue.  don't understand why it's so random.  it happens about once every.six weeks?


  • Charlotte01720    found this on song pop facebook page.  it worked for me this time.  

  • Rablom

    Charolotte01720, Thanks for the link. It works and I am able to play SongPop again. YEA!!   But still does not solve the problem of loading SongPop directly from Facebook on a PC  

  • Melanie Jayne Kershaw

    Having the same problem. Will not download and keeps telling me that I am out of time with down loading song choice.

  • Mgerman

    I'm having the same problem. Gave up waiting for the makers of this game to respond and assist their "paying" customers. To play I just use the test link that was posted above by "Charlotte01720"

  • Sbarrbellisle
    I have had a playlist loading now for 3 days. It worked for a short time. Keeps freezing constantly. I have the current version of everything. Only happens on my iPad and not my phone. What's up with that??
  • Paul Garrad

    It's a bit different for me, I keep getting tied games, and when this happens, it gives me a point, then refuses to load the next songs choice, so I have to reload, then it gives my opponent 2 points, and takes one of me, this is nuts.

  • Tammy Sartin
    As im playing often the game will freeze or I will hit a high score it will come upon the page, then wont allow me to choose my answer and time keeps running
  • Angie Hickman
    Have the time u can't Here the song u have to exit and go back to game for ever song its getting to where i might delete the app
  • toni depasquale
    In the middle of the game music stops, but answers are displayed and it will continue rest of the game with no music.
  • Patty Szachewicz-Williams
    I am costantly losing sound.Its not my devise. Its happened to otnhr people
  • Pamela Ressler
    It constantly freezes up,also somtimes game plays on with no sound. Lots of times you can touch right song many times but it doesn't accept it. Game is fun but frustrating. Lots of ticky-ticky bumps in the road.
  • Martine Staal
    I'm losing sound! It'S very annoying!
  • Oscar Garcia
    My songs are not downloading for the past three days I really Love playing this game please fix this problem thank you kindly

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