• Klaudia Rydzyńska
    Yes we NEED it!
  • Perryyodagirl
  • Pamela Melrose

    It should stay a choice, so others can buy it.  Not everyone can pay for it at the same time as others!  Bring it back please!!

  • Paulbbellamy
    Thank you for the Michael playlist, especially enhancing it with little known songs from his entire catalog. I love it!
  • Katie L

    Please, SongPop, on behalf of a network of many hundreds of Michael Jackson fans on my Facebook, please bring back this list.  I didn't learn about it until by chance a friend sent a request one week ago.  I have played like crazy trying to get the coins for a whole week, then did some investigation and discovered the list wasn't available.  It is essential to let people have the time to save up the coins, and send out a few requests, so then people will learn about the list.  I know you probably have challenges with the copyright of the music or something, but can you please, please bring this back permanently?  Even if it is split into MJ Motown and MJ Epic that would be totally fine.  I really love SongPop and MJ is my favourite artist so having his music in the game would just bring so much fun to my life.  Thank you!

  • Carley Swan
    Please bring it back not most of us had a chance to play it yet.
  • Pani Brooking

    Can we please have a Michael Jackson playlist

  • Michelle Rideout

    Please bring it back!!!!

  • Paulbbellamy
    I was fortunate enough to get the Michael playlist when it was available. I love the mix of #1 hits and little known gems...please bring it back for the fans who were not able to purchase it!
  • Maria Alejandra Sartori

    Please bring it back!

  • Tanja Kummerow
    The Michael List is Not available and neither is the King of Rock (Elvis Presley) List. Why is that? It is no Fun to see that some people have it and others are not able to get it. I play regularly and I have 2000 coins but none of the lists that I have been waiting for shows up. Frustrating!
    Please please please bring back the Micgael Jackson playlist!!!! Pleaseeeeeeee
  • Joanne Kathleen Exley
    I was really sad to see playlists for the likes of miley cyrus, bieber, demi lovato, and robin thicke....but no MJ!? Whats that all about....sort it out songpop!
  • Ambrakay
    That would be a great playlist. I don't know why it isn't on here. God help me if someone ever challenges me to Demi Lovato...
  • Denisetjosee
    The playlist is here named michael i think.

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