Use Accumulated SongPop Coins To Pay For VIP Status



  • Julie Balfour
    I here that!!! Listen to this man, SongPop people, he makes a very convincing argument!
  • Gary Morton

    It's the Cuban argument Julie. S.A

    X ;oP

  • Philip Dean
    It's a great way of promoting the game and rewarding it's players.
  • sweetnagelmand

    I like this idea and would love to see this kind of reward made available to its loyal players.  Although it would take me one heck of a long time to get there i would at least be having  another goal other than trying to beat the losses of the week before :)

  • Petra Treon-Darblay
    I totally agree with this idea, it would also encourage more plays!
  • Ryan Stout

    Great Idea

  • geekybat

    I agree too! Excellent idea :-)

  • Richard Dempster
    Cracking ideas! Get them implemented now. Loyalty is king in branding and gaming.!!!
  • Lcrabbers66
    Yes it's a great idea to reward the loyal die hard Songpop players!!
  • Mark Keech
    Yep, that's a very good idea!
  • Hall Monica
    Great idea... Although we already paid for this service but it doesn't seem like FreshPlanet cares one bit!
  • Dante Bernie Bernstein
    It's us a good idea but again we paid for premium package and I earn my coins so still screw song pop and fresh planet
  • najf74
    It's a nice idea... For those who have not already purchased it and had it taken away because they forgot to mention it was for a month only!!

    No way!! I already paid for it, I want it back!! I use my coins to get playlists when I earn enough! I'm not paying twice!!

    No wonder songpop are so up for this, if enough agree then they are laughing all the way to the bank!!
  • Anthw884
    Are you people who agree with this insane or maybe you haven't already paid for VIP status when u bought the premium game ? I've paid once and won't pay again with cash or coins ! 16,000 is a huge amount and as you know people are impatient and will simply end up buying coins ! What are you actually getting for VIP status anyway ? The ability to chat, longer clips and 80 opponents ? Ok so add yr challengers on Facebook or another free to chat option, answer in under 10 seconds & if u have time to play 80 opponents every week you need to get a life !! Don't give into songpop greed ... Stand up and fight back or lay down & let them walk all over at their leisure ... Don't pay twice and don't let them make more money out of you for things that are free elsewhere or really don't make have much of a difference to your game ... You must be mad if you pay or give up 16,000 coins !!!
  • Paul
    Then they win!
    We fought for nothing, it's like rather than cash, put it on my Canadian Tire Master Card. LOL
  • Gary Morton

    Well obviously 16000 coins is a lot, but a week or a month's payment would obviously be significantly less.

    It should be obvious to everyone that the game is evolving, the playlists are being expanded, features are being upgraded, Songpop is now linked to iTunes & the overall experience is far better than the game I started playing back in 2012. I feel as aggrieved as everyone else about having had a feature which was then summarily withdrawn without any reasonable explanation or notice, but I'd much rather spend Songpop cash earned by way of loyalty, than actually having to spend real currency on something that I have already had previously. Especially true if like me you are a keen player & have built up a sizable number of coins with not too many options to spend them within the game.

    No one complains when improvements are made to the game, everyone likes to see the game developed but these developments come at a cost

    Seriously Guys, what other suggestions do you have apart from "gimme back me VIP status??" Do you really think that's going to work or do you have something more constructive??

  • najf74

    Gary, this is a brilliant idea, if you are new to the game, have yet to sign up to VIP and have not already paid. Sure, if I had not already purchased the game a year ago then I would be delighted to pay for the year by using my coins... Point is, myself and countless others have already paid to help get this game up and running. We paid our subscription and helped them by getting where they are today and it's not our fault that they now need more money to carry on adding, sometimes stupid, playlists... This is now over to the newbies of the game who are coming into now... They are where they are because of the people who have played and paid for this game from the start.


    Agreed, it has got better over the months, but this is down to the people, again, who have paid already. Gary, tell me, what you gonna do if you buy a new TV with sound and then the TV company takes the sound away and tells you that you can't hear the sound on your TV no more until you pay to get it back? They didn't tell you this happen when you bought the TV over a year ago, they just realised that everyone likes a TV with sound so they are going to get you to "pay per listen" - I think you would be incredibly pissed actually.

    Are you seriously telling me that when I pay for something I enjoy, to help support and build, that I should expect them to take it away and not argue where my money has gone? That's not gonna happen, I work hard for my money and I'm not giving it away to people who have already had it and expect more.

    Yes! I want back what I paid for.

    If what you want is people to say your idea is good... I'll say it, it's good... But I'm not paying twice, whether with real money or hard earned coins!

  • Gary Morton

    Thanks Najf

    I want to make it clear that I have been playing Songpop for a while now & believed that I had VIP status embedded permanently because of the longevity or perhaps the frequency/regularity of my games. Hence I like everyone else was pretty outraged when the VIP benefits were suddenly withdrawn. But the truth is that this sort of practice is actually pretty commonplace with PC software & entertainment companies whereby some updates are free, but other larger ones do incur a fresh charge, I remember for instance being furious when SKY TV started charging PPV fees on top of what I considered was a pretty steep fee for the full viewing package back in the day.

    Anyhow, I want to be clear that I'm not a stooge for Songpop, I just don't understand what is behind the strange attachment that is forming between players & their Songpop coins?? Where are you going to spend these coins if you don't spend them on playlists, power-ups or hopefully, VIP options. Once again I must reiterate that I would prefer that SongPop had just left the game be, you bought the product as seen and that product should in no way be tampered with or downgraded as it has been, I wholeheartedly agree that Songpop's approach here has been dictatorial, shockingly heavy handed & as far removed from diplomatic as I could ever imagine, but as far as I can see, in the absence of a total Songpop capitulation, I see the option of buying VIP status with game coins as the next best option for people who enjoy the game & are committed to carrying on. I too would be loathe to spend actual money on a facility I had previously held.

    Finally, where are you Guys protesting because I'll gladly add my name to that list too, it's just that I'm not seeing many others offering suggestions apart from bemoaning what has happened??


  • Paul

    Gary Morton ... you just bought a brand new house from a builder a few months ago and your builder now realizes that they didn't charge you enough for the property. In order to recoup some of their "lost" profit, they now want to charge you to park your vehicle in your drive way. Do you protest and say no or do you say, "well, I have additional money that I was not going to spend on anything else so I will just pay"

    I'm just saying ... it's wrong and unfair.

  • Gary Morton

    And I agree with you Paul, but what is your suggestion????

  • najf74
    Gary. I'm pleased to see that you ARE actually seeing the reason we are all angry and that you are not, in fact, a plant!
    I also see your point on the Sky TV thing; I can happily say I am not a subscriber of films and I hate boxing so the PPV did not faze me, unlike this.
    I have written to songpop endless times, I'm not one of these mainly types who is just writing in here and hoping I get heard, I'm not all teeth, trousers and pork pie! Sadly, songpop makers are not really bothered and find it appropriate to send me automated emails as replies. They have given me 1 month free VIP status, for the confusion, although I see no confusion; they are wrong, they have mugged me and they are now giving me one month "free" to pacify me. Well that hasn't worked!
    I have also filed a complaint against them with BBB, they now have a case file open in them.
    SongPop know they have done wrong, there is no denying this, you only have to read their [automated] responses and their basic lack of interest on their own forum by not answering people's grievances, perhaps if they came into the open forum and answered people's questions and not post a small "explanation" hidden in the depths of their forum that is actually closed off to comment, then people may start understanding a bit more. As it stands, we don't!
    As for spending my coins? I like to splurge out on mine from time to time and buy playlists, whether I know them or not, I don't want to save up to "re-buy" the game. Coins can be hard enough to earn as it is, how long would it take the not so Die Hard players to accumulate that kind of coinage? Whilst saving your coins you're not buying playlists you may want to spice up your games, so to speak, which comes back down to one thing... Give songpop more money!!
    Conclusion: No! I've already paid for VIP so I want them back!
    Happy Bank Holiday!
  • Gary Morton

    You've made a ton of clear & lucid points here Najf74 & I'm glad that you're proactive in trying to do something about the situation rather than just whinging & hoping for the best like most others seem to be doing at various locations around the interweb. Ultimately, I believe that SongPop are within their rights in what they have done in my case at least, as when I first bought the product, their was no such option as 'VIP' & I believe that this might be where there's difference between myself & some of the newer players who must have bought a radically different product to the one I myself purchased in early 2012.

    I recall scouring the internet to find out what the 'headphones' that some players had withing the game meant, as I thought i might be a reference to the very best players, but I later discovered that it was a trial of the VIP option which was first rolled out in Brazil &  Australia (I was in the States at the time which would make this around September if I recall correctly) and would be coming to other markets on a trial basis only. VIP eventually appeared for everyone that bought the premium product but I'm pretty certain that there was a disclaimer which stated that there was a finite time in which the VIP facility would be active. Anyhoo, to cut a long story short, even though I benefited from months of free VIP, my personal experience is that they way they removed the facility was shoddy & mismanaged, but I was warned personally that the option was temporary from the outset.

    It would appear then that our circumstances regarding VIP are rather different and in the cases of players that came along later then Songpop most definitely have a case to answer with regard to misleading selling and consumer protection infringements if it was not made clear that VIP was not an embedded feature of the package

    Hope you had a great Easter ;oD

  • Brian Anderson

    I have been stockpiling coins since the VIP-stripping with the intention of asking to use them toward this end.  I would do this in a heartbeat, as the coins are essentially worthless.  The only other things I would consider using my coins for would be to delete a previously purchased playlist, and, occasionally, to purchase a new playlist.  I also noticed something interesting a couple weeks ago... my 30-day bribe/extension of VIP had run out and I mastered with 5 stars the soft rock playlist.  As you all know, the playlist mastering time is extraordinarily lengthy.  I received an offer of a free week of VIP!  Since that time I have mastered two more playlists, but, apparently, this was a one-time offer.    I have compared my own play to some of my opponents who also play frequently and noticed that playlist mastery is a very rare thing.  I believe I have around 20 with 5 stars... my closest opponent is 13 or 14...  Considering the volume of play required to master playlists, perhaps they could make this mastery/free VIP a formal game mechanic.  Or after you master say X playlists you become a Song Pop All-Star... perhaps conferring you permanently with some or all of the VIP features (which would make business sense, because a dedicated player acts as a maven for the app, driving friends and acquaintances to play and (and pay) more.  That is the other aspect that has been lost in this VIP-stripping.  I think I personally encouraged/cajoled/prompted with challenges at least 15 people to start playing the game.  I don't do that any longer.  I also changed all the FB activity to "Only Me" so SP/Fresh Planet will not be getting free advertising in my feed or on my timeline.  At any rate, Gary, I admire your suggestion.  Yours has been a voice of reason in the VIP debacle.  I would further state that I do believe SP/Fresh Planet failed to deliver two aspects either explicit or implied when I signed up for Premium on my IPhone... the IPhone platform is NOT ad free.  I get adverts for playlists.  In addition, I believe it was either stated or implied that chat would be unlimited.  Finally, I think it's crazy that they can't give me all the paid-for features of the Premium app on my IPhone platform and extend them into my game play on the fb platform.  

  • Gary Morton

    Ahhhhhhh welcome, a fellow hardcore player! I couldn't agree with you more on just about everything you've said Brian. I currently have 37 five star mastered playlists so as you can probably imagine, I have a healthy number of coins burning a hole in my SongPop pockets. I'm not one for buying rubbish genres so the 'I'm Hungry" or "Eurovision" generation of categories will stay dusty on the shelves as far as I'm concerned. I too recall SongPop stating that there was going to be a bonus for players that gained four or five star level ups just a matter of weeks ago, but then nothing ever materialised, much like anyone from SongPop taking note of what is being suggested or requested here I suppose ;oP

    As I stated in a previous post Brian, I've been playing long enough to remember SongPop clearly stating that VIP was a trial and that it would be taken away in time, I genuinely thought that I had kept my status so long purely due to the volume of games I was playing on a weekly basis, or perhaps because of the number of playlists I had mastered. Either way, your suggestion of rewarding committed players shouldn't be such an alien concept to the developers, in game rewards are a standard feature on nearly every video game I've ever played since I first popped a coin into a Defender machine back in the 80s.

    Anyway Brian, let's keep our fingers crossed that the developers are taking note of sensible, rational and logical suggestions before everyone buggers off to play Candy Crush ;o)))

  • Mateusz Urbański

    Very good idea, but I don't think it will ever take place

  • Gary Morton
    I think you're right Mateusz! Not exactly the most responsive of hosts our friends at SongPop :-P Let's just be thankful that they're not working for the Police, Ambulance or Fire Services
  • Paul Basi
    Gary, Now that's hilarious! Thank you for calling suicide prevention ... hold the line please! LOL ...
  • Ann Thompson
    Definately rewards are needed when you get to five stars. Otherwise what's the incentive for long term players.
  • Corypick
    I so agree!!! You should be able to buy stuff besides playlists with coins. Like VIP for a week. That'd be awesome!!!!!

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