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Give examples for new playlists



  • marci

    my friend can do this from her phone (Andriod)  but I can not on my computer.  I really don't want to buy a list of songs that i do not know.  especially when your idea of a category is different from mine.  i.e.  classic rap has a lot of songs from the 90's and up.  doesn't seem very classic to me.  i guess it would depend on what your definition of "classic" is.

  • Nestle Thk
    Christina Aguilera playlist please.
  • Adam Shane
    Please include a category on T.Rex
  • Deni Kavic
    I think its time for a Rihanna and Bruno Mars playlist!!!
  • zayn malik
  • Delaina McGee Babos

    Give examples of songs and/or artists in the "buy playlist' area.  Maybe you can have it have a pop up with examples if you hover your mouse over the playlist choices.  I've bought many, many playlist that I regret because the songs ended up being the wrong type of songs I thought they would be.  This has also caused me to go through my power-ups.way too fast because I have to shuffle too many playlists that I hate when choosing one to start a challenge.  My keyboard is "jacked" so I apologize if I messed up, but hopefully you get the gist of what I am suggesting.  Thanks   oh...and I would love for you to add Tool and Chevelle to your artist list for Progressive Rock!!

  • Michaelpoudre59
    Du hardcore comme thunderdome
  • Angelalcasas
    Matchbox 20 playlist for please!
  • Canethia Eddings
    Bonnie Raitt, Seal and Prince as a playlist PLEEEASE!!!😊

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