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Post a profile pic without linking Facebook



  • Jim Hammond
    I would like the same. I just dumped facebook. Will dump songpop if it doesn't allow being unlinked
  • linda

     I'm also requesting  to put a profile picture I don't think that`s not fair if we don't have a Facebook we can't have a profile picture I'm very disappointed on this & I love playing this game....Please fix this problem soon make us happy......

  • Stevehopps
    Same here, never used Facebook in my life, all i want to do is post my profile pic, Why can't i do this ?
  • Bevmarie29
    Yes, would be nice to have a profile pic that doesn't require Facebook. There are a lot of users who play this game who doesn't have Facebook...
  • kirstie Horne
    I agree. I dont have facebook and when friends try to search me they dont know if its me or not due to others that have a very similar name. Being able to post a pic would make it easier.
  • gornalgremlin .

    Why is the world obsessed with Facebook? surely my ability to recognise songs and play games should not depend on whether i use facebook or not, this is not the only game gulty of this, I played Candy Crush and found it impossible to play without having a facebook account...WHY?

  • Tomas Palicka

    Please introduce any option to post profile picture without Facebook. I dont see any rational behind that rule.  (I am LinkedIn and Twitter user, but I avoid Facebook.)





  • Tomob419

    Couldn't agree more.  Seems like an easy fix. 

  • David Dick
    No Facebook here either!!!! fix it!!!!!
  • Jill Bingham
    It would be nice to be able to add a picture without having a Facebook account.
  • Formaggio

    I still can't add a picture on SongPop 2, even though i can edit the picture, but saving the profile doesn't work. I hate FB, stupid that you need it for SP.

  • Jan de Zwart

    When willl it be possible to save profile changes?


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