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Statistics of Wins & Losses (Monthly and Lifetime)



  • Carita Alice Renee McDonald
  • Mike4855
    I fully endorse Joe's suggestion, songpop has all kinds of statistics on win loss ratios, point spreads, etc. How many people i played against and beat in a given week is but just a small picture of how good or bad I did that week.
  • Tony Pond
    Love Joe's suggestion. Would love to see lifetime and weekly/monthly wins & losses and percentages. Great idea Joe!
  • Ian Pinkfloyd Livingston
    I'd like to see the keeping of tournament wins stats. They are after all the most important!
  • Zac Gray

    Lifetime Records/Winning % for each genre would also be nice to see as added information. 

  • Ann Thompson
    Love Joes & Ians suggestion.

    For super competitive tough opponents/wins I take a screen shot on my phone. But there's getting to be too many.
  • Linda Swayne

    Why Haven't I Received ANY Of My Wins For The Last 2 Weeks ????

  • Doug
    I have repeatedly asked for a way to see the stats from the weekly 'tournament' with scores, games played, etc. It comes up maybe once every 4 weeks or so, maybe less.

    So we play games as part of a tournament the entire week and don't even get to see the results?!! Come on, that is just stupid. Why can't I just pull up my results from the last week, or even overall stats. This is ridiculous!

    I do not subscribe and never will until this is fixed. I play hard for these results but I guess I can't even see how well I did. That's BS.

    Doug D
  • Gary Morton
    The more stats the merrier the player as far as I'm concerned. Great suggestion Joe May ;oD
  • Hootie 78

    Hi. I have been playing and loving this game for a very long time but for the past few months I have been having an issue where I can not see my Lifetime score against my opponent. the screen comes up with the normal colors and boxes but there is no numbers at all. Could you advise me on what action I should take to correct this?

  • Unicorncon
    I don't know about anyone else but I feel if you get more songs correct than your opponent you should win, doesn't really seem fair if he is faster at getting them wrong?

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