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  • Craig Morton

    Thanks for breaking it down ... Overall I think it is better, but requires a change in tactics.   And no more tanking 4th song to cut off opponents chance of copying and guessing fifth song and getting it right in 0.5 seconds.  The game is well balanced, and copying is part of it .. after all you picked the playlist that your opponent can copy, so if you take your time and your opponent uses your guesses for songs he or she is unsure of, then nails one he or she knows and wins, well, as Abba would say (on multiple playlists) -- The Winner Takes it All

  • Robby Trottier
    I'm not crazy about it. I had 3 consecutive songs at 2 seconds right and lost to a person that wildly guessed 2 songs right at .3 seconds. All those scoring does is promote you to guess wildly if you don't know a category.
  • Greg Eccleston

    Yeah, it certainly isn't flawless.  But that won't happen too often -- the odds of completely guessing two in a row correctly are 15/1.

  • Esther Van Oosten
    This is an improvement and it's a good thing that with the same number of correct answers, the faster player wins. But shouldn't the amount of correct answers always be leading? It's happened to me 3 times since the new scoring system that I lost eventough I had more correct answers. That doesn't seem fair to me....
  • Elvis Heinze
    you need to fix scoring based on losses... I just played an opponent who missed 2 to my 1 and they won, our clicks were close in speed but that should be irrelevant when losses are greater... LAME
  • Scott Harrison
    Twice I've seen the win not be awarded to the fastest player despite both players guessing all five correctly. I'm still trying to figure that out. Do some songs count more than others? Or does the timing on the later guesses factor higher?
  • Greg Eccleston

    Scott Harrison;  you could always try reading the above post, which explains it absolutely & exactly.

  • Scott Harrison

    Ooh, sarcasm! Gee thanks, Greg.

    What I was trying to figure out is how both players can get _all five_ correct, and one could be _overall_ slower than the other, by a second or so, and still win. I suppose it would have to be a faster speed on the fifth answer to account for this disparity.

    I'm not complaining, I've had this work both for and against me.

    I do appreciate your post and I'll have to run the numbers for myself using your explanation if it happens again.

    Clowning the new guy, though? That's a bit low.

  • Greg Eccleston

      Sarcasm was not intended Scott Harrison, apologies.


      Another factor is whether the answers are quicker or slower than 3.6 seconds.  The points reduce about 7 times less (per 0.1 second increments) when a correct answer is slower than that.

  • Scott Harrison

    Thank you, Greg.

    I appreciate and accept your apology.

    Perhaps a better way to phrase it might have been "there are no factors in scoring other than what I have written above."

    And thanks for explaining how this exceptional case might have come about..

  • Jimmy Dunne

    If anyone can't get enough of this game and is interested in playing in a well run and structured Songpop League, please join our Facebook group and play against the best in the world!

  • Eoin Jackson

    Hmm, so 0.4s, 0.3s, 0.2s, 0.1s, and 0s all score the same as 0.5s?
    No benefit in being faster than 0.5...?

    If that's true... it is a REALLY good change to the scoring!!! :D 

  • Alisha Lamson
    What I don't understand is HOW can an opponent get more songs wrong and yet still win the round? This has happened to me about 4 times~ the last being just recently. I guessed 4 songs correctly and my opponent guessed 3 yet my opponent won the round. NOT HAPPY AT ALL! !!!!!!!!! Makes me either want to a) delete the challenge (that's already been done) or b) delete the game. If you want to keep players you might want to give a closer look at your scoring "system. " And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one with these frustrations.
  • Greg Eccleston

    Alisha Lamson, you say that you don't understand HOW someone can answer more questions correctly & yet still lose.  And you are NOT HAPPY AT ALL!!!!!!!!!  Kindly please post the individual times & scores when this happens & I am certain that someone here can easily explain it to you, as per the system in place.

    In lieu of that, the simple answer is that you are way too slow.  To lose to someone who is scoring less answers correct, it means that your correct answers are on average very late.

    The SongPop scoring system is a long way from perfect, but you can't expect to take five seconds or so longer every question & then just win by default.

  • Michael Mckane

    this has happened to me quite a few times i have correctly named 5 songs and lost to player with 4 correct this is not how a quiz is supposed to be scored it's correct answers that count also noticed that have been quicker in 3 out of 5 answers and lost with all correct answers THATS NOT FAIR!!!!

  • Eoin Jackson

    It *is* fair...
    This game is about accuracy AND speed.
    Accuracy is mostly rewarded, but speed is also important...
    If you're too slow, u lose... and if you're embarrassingly slow, you lose even with more answers correct! :P

  • Bayoustamper

    I've noticed more and more that I am losing games when I have faster times than my opponent. And also lost games when opponents have missed more songs than I have. I have even lost games where I got all right in average times and opponent missed 2. WTH?? Something needs to be looked into about scoring!

  • Ann Secord
    This game has been a time suck for many months but thankfully this sacked out new scoring system has frustrated me to the point of saying WTF one too many times and I'm done. I guess the guys that designed this game of awarding the win to someone who gets the answers wrong are the same little dudes that got too many participation trophies in tee ball. So sorry, if you get more right you win - at least in the real world. Adios.
  • Shalys Petty
    This scoring system is flawed and confusing in game play. Definitely not an improvement, just the opposite. If I had known of the change, I wouldnt have reinstalled it, paid for the plus versions and also subscribed to VIP. Thanks a lot for downgrading my favorite game. Waiting to see if someone comes to their senses and bring back the more logical scoring system. I am never this harsh, but if am frustrated beyond belief!! A past loyal player, hoping to be again. Please give this your most sincere attention as I now realize why I've been so confused at the outcome of matches.
  • Magdalena Mazur

    Hello everybody,

    How it is possible? Anyone can explain this score? I won more songs (3 from 5), my total time was better and two last songs either..Any ideas?

  • Pebbles ButtMunch

    My math really sucks and I'm not sure that I understand the "new" system so can someone explain this to me....


    This morning I played a round against a opponent in the Hard Rock Category, the scores were as follows


    Them 2.1     Me 1.3

    Them 1.8     Me 1.7

    Them 1.3     Me 1.3

    Them 2        Me 1.4

    Them 2.5     Me 3.5

    Total 9.7            9.5


    I was .4 faster than my opponent overall so how did I lose that game?

  • Pebbles ButtMunch

    Why can't you just throw out all the bonuses and just add up the scores like I did and whoever has the lesser score wins the round?  Then whoever got the most songs faster would win the round and sure we wouldn't have "thousands" for the scores but does that really matter if you toss out the bonuses?


    Them 2.1     Me 1.3

    Them 1.8     Me 1.7

    Them 1.3     Me 1.3

    Them 2        Me 1.4

    Them 2.5     Me 3.5

    Total 9.7            9.5

  • Jason Stainer

    This is an improvement. Now the reward is for speed and accuracy

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