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  • michele gonzalez
    I'm having the same problem, mine is saying I'm from md & I'm from pa so that's like a 200 mile difference.....same thing w/ someone I play with
  • Crystal Charrier
    Well mine displays that I live in Illinois when I really live in Texas. Not even close. I just wanna fix it so i can play with people in my area.
  • Arthur Vasey
    My version on the iPad has my location as London Borough of Lambeth - I live several hundred miles away - in Taunton, Somerset! Mind you, I play with my sister and some of her daughters - the game thinks they live in Stockton-on-Tees - or, as it spells it, Stockton-on-tees - at least it's not too far!
  • Tricia Verhoye-Cook
    Mine says I'm from Atlanta GA & I'm from Fayetteville NC how can I fix this??
  • Jennifer Sawicki
    Mine says I'm in Dallas, never been there!! Not even close. Does anyone know howto change this?!
  • Kathi Carlon Reed

    Why does my SongPop say I'm from Westwego, LA..... never heard of it!

  • roachkg
    mine started off incorrect, changed to correct for maybe one day and is now back to the incorrect location again
  • Lisa Cooper
    I'm in Houston, says San Antonio. ??? HOUSTON
  • Carrie Griffith
    It says I'm playing in Lincoln Nebraska and I have never been there and I live in Missouri. How do can I change this?
  • Vivian Nicole McCarty
    My location is saying i live in los angeles i live in phoenix arizona
  • Arthur Vasey
    I've apparently moved to Slough from Lambeth - when?
  • Tre'Ese Neal
    I live in Philadelphia pa not baltimore md ...empressxoxo
  • Arthur Vasey
    From Slough, two weeks ago, I moved to Camberley and last week, I moved to Paignton! Pickford's must be making a packet out if me - from London to Berkshire, to Surrey and now Devon! Watch out, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset - you're next! YOU'RE NEXT!!!!
  • Melissa Ploszaj-Madore
    Says I am in southeastern CA and then NY to Boston and now MN. I actually live in CT si its definitely wrong .
  • SongPop Support

    Hi Cass,

    Thank you for contacting us. We're aware that locations are wrong. Unfortunately at this time there is no way for us to go in and change this for you. You can go into your Options > Account Settings > Advanced (in SongPop) and choose to hide your location until these issues are resolved. Until then, we appreciate your patience and cooperation. As soon as we have any more information on the location issue we will make a post about in our announcements forum, and I will edit this topic to show the most current information. Thanks for posting your issue and your continued patience. 

    Thank you for playing SongPop and visiting the Forums!

    Please visit our Knowledge Base and FAQ: https://songpop.zendesk.com/forums

    Rock On,
    Michael - SongPop Support SongPop.fm

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  • Charles Calben
    Says I am from Newton, MA and I am from NY. Talk about being way off.
  • Tiffany Ryan
    Mine is doing the something it says I'm in little falls, mn when I live in st.cloud, mn y can't u just link it 2 facebook to pull our info from there?
  • Arthur Vasey
    My sister's tablet is now displaying the right location (Middlesbrough) - mine still insists that I live in locations between London and Berkshire - Walton-on-thames (sic) when I last checked - had me living in Slough at some point - and Paignton in Devon - but mostly London and Berkshire! Somebody I know, who also lives in Taunton, lives in Exeter, according to Song Pop!
  • Mike Travers

    The whole location issue problem has been going on for a while and it is quite annoying

  • Arthur Vasey
    They finally got it right for me three weeks ago or so - upgraded to iOS 7 - kablammo - back in Walton-on-Thames again!
  • Cutro

    The last comment I see was back in the beginning of this year..and issues haven't been fixed..i think Songpop is THE BEST Game App on the market..but this minor annoyance is agitating..it had fixed itself..but not it looks like it is more messed up than it ever was..I live in Georgia..and im displayed and playing people in California..smh!..if the location cant be fixed..i suggest that instead of playing people based on location..that we play people based on "last played/last online"..so if the location jumps to outer space..we will at least be playing active players. Or if that's askin too much..give us a filter by state or city option..so we'd at least be playing with people nearer to us.

  • Jen
    My location always said just GB. Now it says Coventry, GB. I live in Norwich! Any news on when this might be corrected, please? All my opponents seem to have their correct locations. I have to say, I love playing Songpop and am very slightly addicted!
  • Pam Morris
    This location issue has been going on for months! I live on the Gold Coast QLD Australia. My location varies from Brisbane (the closest) to Toowoomba and now Mackay. I guess I can be grateful it is at least the right state. Why can't the location match our Facebook login or why can't we go in and edit this ourselves. The only option to disable the location is all well and good but there appears to be no change or fix to this! When will this change?
  • Brandonhesse1
    Ugh! When u select edit in your account/profile, ur location is the ONE field you cannot edit! Its always wrong. You should be able to manually override ur location. Or type a city name amd pick from a populated list!
  • Michael Kuhn
    Yeah, i feel you. i live in South Park, PA. which songpop does not recognize, so it usually jumps between Pittsburgh (more acceptable) & Clariton PA. Then sometimes it says Alexandria, VA (aka Washington DC), or New York, NY... I understand the first two, but not those others...
  • Arthur Vasey
    Mine finally sorted itself out some time last Christmas - finally realised I live in Taunton - went up to Middlesbrough over the holidays - and it was reflected in the iPad app - came back to Taunton and it reflected that in the app - also got my sister's location in Middlesbrough right - and - unusually - it even spelt Middlesbrough right - not the often-misspelt Middlesborough!
  • Jillian Richardson
    This entertains me. My location constantly changes. According to Songpop, I spend all week travelling the British Isles! One minute it looks like I'm in Monmouth and them I'm in Watford. They've shown me as playing in about 30 different locations - even Chicago! I live in Stratford-upon-Avon, but they have never got it right. Would be nice if they did, but still love Songpop!
  • Nikki Smith
    Yes, this happens to me too! I absolutely love this game but wish that it would just let you put where u live in your self instead of this bs gps crap... Common heck at least get the state right! Lmao!
  • lisa koetsch
    My display shows I live in Lindale, TX. I live in CT, I've never even BEEN to TX before!
  • Stephanie Blevins

    How many years does it take, to fix a little piece of code?  Write the code, so we can type our location, if you can't figure it out.

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