stop the possibility of deleting a challenge just before the end of the tournement



  • Wildcard Hoss

    I think this is an excellent idea.  There should be a limit to ending a challenge, like 2 or 3 days before the end of a tournament.  After that whoever is in the tournament should be locked in the game until the end.  Like the OP said, the purpose of a tournament is to play until the end.

  • Lenny Flack

    I think anyone that played you for the week should be locked in to the score.

    Maybe do it like this:

    If you delete a challenge that you are winning, then ok.  No harm no foul.

    But if you delete a challenge that you are losing, the loss should still count, and more importantly, the win should count for the winner.


    I notice that no one that is beating me ever deletes a challenge, but on Sunday a bunch of people I'm beating delete the challenge.

  • Charlotte01720

    I read somewhere on the previous forum, that if you don't click on the red box-delete/end challenge, and keep it on the list, that it will count towards the tournament.  

  • Psrap
    All they have to do is put the red quit game at the very bottom of the opponent list, not the top, where the quit game eventually ends up as you go through all of your green live opponents.
  • Steven Felton

    they need to have it u win the Tournement if someone Deleting a challenge or fix it where no one can deleting a challenge till it dun.

  • Charles Poulen

    Where can I find out the official rule on this topic? I've been searching all over this site for hours, and this is the only info I can find about this issue.

  • jcknslly1993
    The following is what I sent to the creators of SongPop/MoviePop and the automated response was to post in the forum. Well it looks like I'm not the only person that is frustrated with this. Here is what I sent: When playing either game, you play one week against other players. My issue is that during the week I spend a lot of time playing people I know and also random people. My problem, and I'm sure lost of others have the same problem, is that either the day before or the day of the end of the game (SongPop/Sunday-MoviePop/Monday) I always have anywhere from 1 to 5 people quitting the game (game over) because they are losing. This is very frustrating, as I have basically wasted a week playing people that quit at the very end. So I lose power ups! I think you need to set the game up where players can end the game at anytime up until the last 2 days of play. This way it will give us players a chance to find and play other players to the end of the game. I am at a point that I am ready ready to quit both games altogether. I know other players are upset with this too. Please make this change to both games, otherwise you will start losing players. These people that quit right at the end are poor losers, so they shouldn't play these games at all. I don't win all my games, so the ones I am losing to, I don't quit. It's not fair to them to lose power ups. Please revise your games.
  • Hoopditty

    I can't even find the end game red button??????  It still irks me that here it is less than 24 hours before the tournament ends and 3 people that have a tie with me ended the game (and they initiated it so they get credit for it) and 4 others are one game ahead and have ended game... not sure how they are doing it - as I said I can't see an end game button anywhere - I will go back and look and feel like a dipstick (it is probably a big flashing railroad light) lol ;)

  • jcknslly1993
    To Hoopditty-to end a game with a player you swipe your finger over the green play button or the blue nudge button. Don't click it on, you can swipe to the right or left.
  • Hoopditty

    Thanks jcknslly - I can't 'swipe' but I found the "hidden" x to the right of the game player/challenge and if I use my mouse and click that X they go bye-bye!

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