Please don't use live recordings or re-recordings



  • Patrick Testa
    Stuck On You - Lionel Richie is not his version. The song we here is a cover version by a country singer. Artwork is Lionel's album Can't Slow Down which is correct.
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  • Jamal Bonner
    Green Onions by Booker T and the MGs on the RnR Hall Of Fame playlist. Can't make out any music until 3/4's of the flip is completed.
  • Paul White
    Almost every song in the One Hit Wonders category is an awful re-recording. I believe this is because SongPop uses the iTunes "One Hit Wonders" collection, as the main source for this category, and these are all re-recordings.
  • Pamela Melrose

    I agree.  The live recordings don't even sound like the original artists.  Best they go.

  • Graham P

    I don't have an issue with the live versions if they are taken from official releases but please don't use clips of the audience applauding or the band talking to the audience.  

  • SVO

    Some times they even use cover band versions of songs. One example is Warfare's version of Frankie Goes To Hollywood's song Two Tribes. Why would anyone be expected to know that as the original?

  • Dan Mohr

    Some songs should be used live though.
    I think any Peter Frampton should be from Frampton Comes Alive. That is what people know.
    I think if SongPop tries to stick to what was the biggest commercial success version of a song, they'll be okay.
    Freebird from Lynyrd Skynyrd is another good example. The live version is just more recognizable. (Play some Skynyrd!!) =D
    I will say, what is with the recording of My Generation from The Who? That radio interview has got to go. :)

  • Mikmarmik

    Why is a live version of White Wedding being played in Classic Rock? Please play the original, not a live version.

  • Cathy Swafford-Rhodes
    AGREED. STOP using random poorly recorded, un recognizable live or re-recordings. They are awful and throw off the game.
  • Connie Newbold

    I don't think karaoke recording should be used either.

  • Michael Kuhn
    It has a lot to do with what is available in iTunes, as how I see this. There are no non-live Leppard songs on iTunes, for example.
  • Susan Worsham
    Some of the recordings sound like the vocalists have a potato stuck in their throat, or something similar! Granted, the price of the membership isn't that expensive, and even if someone isn't paying, at least they could give the actual studio recordings!! Some of these songs don't even sound like the original song. It's disappointing. ...
  • Laust Cawz

    I've just recently begun playing & haven't added many playlists yet, so this is a very helpful & informative discussion.

    I also think a "Report Error/Wrong Song" or something along those lines somewhere would be a great idea.

    Personally, though, as much as I love some of the hits (especially older ones--the '70s/early'80s, for example),

    I also adore some of the more obscure album tracks (especially by more progressive/experimental groups/artists)

    & think there should be a playlist or two (or three) showcasing these. As for re-records, I do find these irritating & always have, 

    but have noticed only a few in the "One Hit Wonders" category, such as "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)" by Edison Lighthouse. 

    I've also noticed, in the'70s categories, that Lynn Anderson's cover of The Carpenters' #1 hit "Top Of The World" is used, which makes no sense. Finally, some of the "One Hit Wonders" do not fit the category. Bill Withers had several hits besides "Ain't No Sunshine". In fact, his biggest hit was "Lean On Me". A few songs have become more famous for their live versions, of course, such as McCartney's "Coming Up", the "Frampton Comes Alive" tracks & The J. Geils Band's "I Do" (among numerous others), but the majority of the songs that listeners love & treasure & know like the backs of their hands are the original studio versions, not live ones or re-records. I suggest that, if you can't obtain the best possible version of the song in question (usually the original or hit version), then let it be & add a different song instead, for which you can obtain the right version. Thanx.

  • Simon Barker

    as long as the sound is ok it is fine, however, there are many where it says it is live and it is not!

  • moonbear87

    Joy Division songs in "Post punk" playlist - all of them are from "Live at University of London Union, 8 February 1980", 2007 bonus disc of the album Closer.

    They all sound horrible and unrecognizable.

    Please replace them with album versions.

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