Please don't use live recordings or re-recordings



  • Timds187

    Hunters and Collectors in Australian also! There is too much live music. It affects scores and songs are poorly recorded. Original versions or remixes only! No live music.

  • Don Nederburgh
    You forgot Frank Zappa, Peaches en Regalia from some crappy bootleg album. Sounds horrible!!
  • B.

    Just noticed "Hey Jealousy" by the Gin Blossoms too (live) in the 90s Alternative playlist I think.

  • Nikki N

    TOTALLY AGREE!  And who is that singing on The Devil Went Down To Georgia?  It sounds nothing like Charlie Daniels Band!

  • Patrick Testa
    Reiterating on the Peter Gabriel song. The clip used in Song Pop is part of the long orchestral intro which he uses live and much more recently than the 80s hit studio version.
  • Ausypete
    This spoils the game greatly and only benefits players that play often enough to learn the revised versions
  • anthony michalski
    I hate that some hard rock songs that are used are from that crap movie that was made starring tom cruise. Yeah its not even the real "recorded" song its from a movie soundtrack redone.... Really bad
  • T2h

    ok u have ascap, bmi and sesac licenses. then how on earth are u picking the absolutely worst and unrecognizeable versions of songs??? plz rethink selection method and recognizability of songs. if it is live make a catagory for live if it is a remaster or diff band than original plz make a catagory and DO NOT use in normal catagory that it goes in PLZ.

  • Keith Hennessey
  • Muso Geek

    @ B> The Peter Gabriel songs are from "New Blood" (the orchestra album he recorded of his own stuff), which, agreed is misleading.


    What about the remixes of well known songs/tunes too??  Very annoying!  

  • Muso Geek

    Kasabian's Empire is a pretty bad bootleg

  • Donald Foster

    Way too much time is spent trying to reconize a song you grew up listening to and yours sounds nothing like the original recording.

  • Michael Crawley

    The Buck Owens material is especially bad. One weird thing you have going is KISS's Detroit Rock City. On one playlist you use the original studio version from Destroyer. That would be great if you were highlighting the music not the car ride intro. On another you use a different part of the song. And how is someone supposed to know that Janis Joplin rambling on is Piece Of My Heart? She didn't even do the original version as a solo artist.

  • Jennifer Zelinger
    Agree it's too hard to figure out a song in the first couple of seconds if its clapping or audience noise
  • Msiff96174

    I think it has something to do with licensing issue with some artists???

  • M Pianoplunkster
    The country anthems category is godawful. They're all synthesized versions of the worst quality!
  • Martin Bradbury
    Simply add a button next to like for report wrong song or odd version which then lets you enter a comment. There also too many obscure album tracks when the killer singles aren't used......
  • Richard Soos

    I go nuts myself sometimes; but I found a version of a song I didn't even know existed by you having the lives version of Those were the days up. It was actually cooler than the original, even though I missed the right button. So, I learned something, which is always good.

  • Michael Patterson

    Agree 100%, I think it's Marvin Gaye 'Sexual Healing' that's a live version, throws my game off every time. No more live songs included please! 

  • Sheree Moskow
    Def Leppard is re recording their own songs because they don't own the originals and can't come to an agreement with label on how to be compensated for use of those songs, so all the music sites only have the live album Mirrorball, which is great. As for the others, yeah. Especially Lynyrd Skynyrd because the originals are available, sometimes on the very same box set you're already using.
  • Jennifer Zelinger
    Donovan's Atlantis. Ia 17 seconds before any music
  • Jennifer Zelinger
    BB King The Thrill is Gone is 9.6 seconds before a sound -
  • laceylady242
    Most of the Janis Joplin playlist is live to.
  • Eoin Jackson

    Also... The woeful dance remixes of big hits... need to go!
    E.G. "My heart will go on" by Celine Dion in the 90-talet list. 

  • David
    Agreed with M Pianoplunkster about the national anthems, not to mention some of them are out of date (eg Georgia, Estonia). If you want a royalty-free version to use, the US Navy Band has versions on their website that are free to use (since they are the work of government employees), I've confirmed this with the Navy band contact myself.

    Also, came here originally to request a Def Leppard playlist (as they are my favourite band), but, yeah, if you just have access to Mirrorball, maybe wait.
  • Patrick Testa
    Oh my... I just heard "Crossroads" by Bone-Thuggs-and-Harmony on a brand new playlist called 90's Tearjerkers. Yes it made me cry, but only because the version sampled is a bootleg from someone's iPhone at a live club show. The most audible sounds emanate from the dude recording it and his idiot buddy screaming. The actual song kind of echoes in the background. Sounds like a bad YouTube clip.
  • Pernell Subban
    Most Black Sabbath songs are from 1998 horrible live.
    Exodus songs are form bad re-recorded album.. use Bonded by Blood.
    Some Twisted Sister songs are also re-recodings.
    Possessed songs are from bad bootleg, use Seven Churches.
    Sid Vicious songs are from bad bootleg. Originals are from The Great Rock and Roll Swindle soundtrack.
    Same thing for Iggy Pop/The Stooges and many punk bands.

    We all love originals..

    Thank you!
  • Pernell Subban
    Cannibal Corpse's Hammer Smashed Face is just the singer speaking live.. original is from Tomb of the Mutilated
  • Patrick Testa
    Luka - by Suzanne Vega in 80s (I believe) is a re-recorded version. Please install the original hit.
  • Patrick Testa
    Start Me Up - Rolling Stones in 1970s and 1980s playlist (I believe) is a live version. Even the album art says Live Licks. Please install the studio hit.

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