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Ability to delete profile picture or unlink it from Facebook !!!



  • Andreagsmith
    I agree. There should be privacy settings. Facebook picture and name should only appear for those players that are linked via Facebook, for others, such as random players, only songpop alias and standard picture should display. There are other settings, such as location, that can be switched off and so it should be for picture and name.
  • Sisythohir
    Where do i opt for songpop to not posts my achievements on songpop? Or, i want to disconnect it to facebook altogether if the above is not possible. Thanks
  • Carlab30
    I agree... I'd like to be able to unlink fb and upload a picture or even update a pic without being attached to fb
  • Sue

    I totally agree!  I tried to sign in using facebook on my new ipad, but my son had left his fbook page open, so it synced to his fbook account.  So now my songpop account has my son's name and pic on it and I can't find a way to unlink it from his fbook!!!!

  • Cars Maiden
    Agree. I originally played via FB but changed to via email (not my fb one at that) but it still shows my fb pic and posts to my wall. This needs to be changed ASAP as I do not want the two in any way connected. Thanks
  • Cst2

    Hello I have the same problem. I logged-in via 'using emailaddress' and later I found out that my profilepicture from FB is shown on my profile on the app on my phone! I didn't log-in via 'using FB' yet, but also someone I'm playing with said I've invited her on FB?? What da... As I'm almost never on FB, I visited the site and I found all kinds of songpop-related things on my FB site!! I have never given any permission to do that! I got a vague respons from the customer service (Jess), saying that the problem is probably that I use the same emailaddress via 'log-in via email' that I also use for FB.

    So it means there's a big problem in the software from Songpop, how is this possible!! I'm already corresponding with the customer service for over 2 weeks now and it's still not clear to me how they're gonna solve this! 

    I'm starting to get so annoyed now after so many corresponding mails and it's still not solved!

    Does anyone has the same experience? Because I'm wondering if they want to help me out or not. 

    - They said I have to delete my account, then uninstall the app from my phone and then re-install the app again. I have to sent the required emailaddress/username to them before I start to delete.

    So I tried to delete my account on the phone, IT'S NOT POSSIBLE, there's no option at all to do that!

    - So again, I had to email the customer service and I got a reply back: you can't delete the account, only we can do it! WHY NOT SAY THIS TO ME IN THE FIRST PLACE, AGAIN A COUPLE OF DAYS PASSED BY!!


    Now I'm still waiting for them with a correct, good explanation how to solve this issue! People, I'm already waiting for over 2 weeks, maybe 3 weeks already!

    I'm really wondering if there are other people who recognize these problems and 'service'??

  • Ginger22193

    This BLOWS! They need to at least tell you that once you link to your fb account you can't undo it.  Had I known that it couldn't be undone I never would have done it!!!!!

  • hypatia

    My account also became inadvertently linked with a facebook account and I can't unlink it.  Songpop facebook app has been completely removed from the facebook account but Songpop continue to use info from the Facebook account. That is a violation of European Data Protection as well as facebook/songpop privacy promises.

    Its ridiculous that the accounts can't be unlinked, in particular since songpop make it so easy to accidentally link - no confirmation request, no clear warning of the action.

  • Sheila Robinson
    This is REALLY bad. I don't want people knowing either my name or linking to my facebook account. I just want to play songpop. It's a breach of my privacy. Songpop had better get into this ASAP. Not happy.
  • Jennifer Zelinger
    I would like to have a separate profile pic for Song Pop and don't want it changed every time I change my Facebook picture. There should definitely be a way to separate it--- also should be able to play without it being connected to Facebook although this doesn't really bother me
  • Larry Trimble
    Just wondering what some of your comments would be on some of the very explicit lyrics that have made their way into SongPop recently (e.g "F*** You!" being screamed at the beginning of the clip.)
    The inclusion of this type of lyric clearly violates Apples terms on the part of the developer...the developer rated this game as 12+ (which includes 'mild profanity'). Now I don't know where you grew up, but F*** You was never considered mild profanity anywhere in my neighbourhood.

    I brought up this issue with the developer (issue #43383) and they basically said that nothing could be done, short of creating a new version of SongPop! I say that's a pack of lies! How about just removing the offending songs!!??

  • pri p

    There should be a privacy setting for locking your display pic! I have my privacy settings on facebook which doesnt allow outsiders to view my DP but through songpop anyone can view my pic. So my privacy setting on fb is basically useless!!

  • Gwenneh

    I absolutely do not want complete strangers to know my real name and what I look like. Unfortunately, linking on Facebook did both of those things, without ever telling me it would do so, nor giving me the option to delete that. At the very, very least, a warning would be appropriate, doubly so in the case of minors.


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