Don't like the Daily Best Matches on top



  • Sherri Whalen
    Agreed. It's terribly annoying to have to constantly scroll down past stuff u never care about to get to the challenges waiting for u.
  • Stevesmaill

    PLEASE bring back the random player feature.. the best match feature is so annoying as you can only match a few players. If people dont play back against you having the random player feature was great!! Could delete a game and find a new one instantly! The best match feature has really put songpop back a long way. Also the best match matches you with people in the same area as you.. it was fun with the random match playing against players from all over the world. Along with that there i think songpop should think about allowing players to have access to any playlist that they have bought/earnt with coins.. having only a few to choose from defeats the purpose of trying so hard to get new playlists. After making the effort to gain a new playlist either from buying it or gaining enough coins to buy it i think they should be available to play whenever the player wants.. These two issues i think will cause people to lose interest in songpop quickly. its a shame when people come up with great apps like Songpop but then fiddle with them too much when they were awsome in the first place.. the random feature should definately be put back in the game even if you kept the best match as well. But i know that random player feature kept me coming back to play because i knew i would always be able to have someone to play against. Please consider this seriously as myself and friends and im sure many in the Songpop community miss this feature and wont stick around of it doesnt come back.. Thanks Steve.

  • Rsudak
    I completely 10000% agree Steve!!!
  • Janet McKever
    Totally agree. It annoys me that it is making me play games with people, I have not requested to play with, when I accept next challenge. Also I am not at home at present, do not want to match with people where I am now. You can turn off location in settings.
  • Sara Gordon
    Very annoying. What they said.
  • David P Barr
    Make it optional but DON'T HAVE IT ON TOP
  • Robby Trottier
    Couldn't agree more. I have a circle of friends I play with. Stop recommending people I don't know! If I wanna play with someone else, ill send a random request!
  • David Engedal
    I agree totally. Very annoying!
  • Brenda Smatlak
    Daily Match takes up too much screen room, is quite annoying & doesn't matter to me at all. Please let us have the option of erasing this
  • Bob Fowler

    I have never used nor ever will use the Daily Best Matches on purpose. I have accidentially touched a Daily Best Match and there is no back or oops control I could find. The back control seems to be kill and restart the app.

  • Elizabeth Pena
    I don't mind having the random games, but I'm probably never going to use them, so I'd like them MUCH better if they were BELOW the matches I'm currently playing. Thanks!
  • Mike Wolfgram
    If it must be there put it on the bottom. I don't need to play random people. I barely play with my friends. But don't like I have to find my games when I open this app. Hope this changes or I'll just delete the app AGAIN.
  • Geoff Molles
    GET THEM OFF THE TOP! Better still, get rid of the random best matches altogether!
  • Geoff Molles
    GET THEM OFF THE TOP! Better still, get rid of the random best matches altogether!
  • Whodafa
    I do NOT like my name & picture to be posted for all to see as a "best match" then have all kinds of invites to play. Just to be bothered to decline!!! TAKE ME OFF THE BEST MATCH window/suggestion, please!!!
  • Steve Anderson
    NOBODY cares for other random players stats. I don't care for the stats of people i play against so WHY are they at the top of the page? Thats just stupid that SPAM is at the top and I'm forced to scroll down to see my current games. If you want that crap then give that to the free app users not the paid app users like myself. Thats why we pay for apps, to stop crap like that.
  • Cherry Ann
    There needs to be a way to deny or delete people who challenge me if i am not interested. Several times i have been forced to play people who challenged me because icould not skip over them unless i shut the whole game down and restarted it. I dont mind the best matches in case i do want to start a new game. As i dont have a lit of friend that play. But i do want the ability to say no if someone chooses me.
  • Paul White
    Please get rid of this completely, or at least make it an option to be shown or not. Many of my Daily Best Matches are already loaded with competitors and can't take any more, yet they are still there every time I play.
  • Go4jesus123
    The daily spin seems to be fixed on certain boxes. All I get is coins and powerups. Fix it right.

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