• Markaustin
    Any info on this?
  • Patrick Dugan

    Yes. In fact, I believe I will be playing less songpop because of it. It's not as simple as "You now have to WIN BY TWO" but essentially, that's what it boils down to.

    I honestly couldn't tell you the exact parameters as they define it, but if I start a game with you & I win the first playlist, then you'll send me back your 1st playlist, & I should be up 1-0, at least with the old scoring system. 

    However, under the new system the score is 0-0. I have to play your playlist in order to unlock my first win. 

    I can just imagine the complaining forum posters who got this new scoring system installed. 

    I hope the whiners are now as dissatisfied as I am.

    Not that the intentions behind the change are bad, in fact, I don't think 1-0 wins should be allowed. 

    That being said, I find myself playing A LOT less songpop this week, because before I could wait till the last minute to get 1-0 wins & get my 80 bonuses for the week. Under the new system I have to start games well before Saturday or Sunday because I have to win 2-0 or 3-1 or 4-2 etc, etc.

    I think the makers of songpop are going to find that their traffic dips significantly on saturday & sunday, but also in general. Not only because of the reasons already mentioned but also because of the fact that when I do have a 2 point lead on someone, I now have LESS INCENTIVE to continue playing with them, as I want to sit on my win, etc. etc. 

    Hope this is helpful. 

  • Frank L Rosalia
    Just play and have fun! Does sitting on your lead really make the game more enjoyable? You can spend a few bucks if you must have the power ups...
  • Markaustin
    Ah, I see. I thought they meant that there was a different method of calculating how many points you earn for the total of your five songs and how fast you guessed them. I wasn't even thinking of the scoring of wins.
  • Andy Shick

    They just updated the scoring system with the cycle that began 20 minutes ago.  More points are giving for earlier songs in a chain and less for later songs.

  • Andy Shick

    And if you haven't gotten High Score III (22000 points) yet, you're pretty much screwed.

  • David Greenhouse
    The new scoring is dreadful..why do they insist on messing up a good thing ..why should the first song be worth more than them second... Completely arbitrary... My song pop days are numbered....
  • David Greenhouse
    The new scoring is dreadful..why do they insist on messing up a good thing ..why should the first song be worth more than them second... Completely arbitrary... My song pop days are numbered....
  • Justin Byrley

    I don't understand this contant urge to screw with things that aren't broken.  The new scoring system is HORRIBLE.  If tinkering makes people feel productive, that's fine, but why pause the game after the 4th song to tell us we've unlocked some stupid "multiplier"????  It ruins the flow of the game and costs you a few tenths of a second when answering the last song.  You had it right the first time.  Instead of wasting time aimlessly like this, you could be fixing all the songs that have the incorrect artists attached to them:/

  • Patrick Dugan

    I formerly considered myself a SongPop Fiend.

    I once played 980 games in one week. I have had 80 matches every since they upped the limit to 80.

    As of this update, I'm quitting the game cold turkey. 

    Going to work on developing a knockoff that's better. 

    The game may not have been perfect, but the scoring system was sublime.

    So disappointing.

  • Frieda Watuseke

    please find my pic attached.. I think the new scoring system is still not fair. thx

  • Greg Eccleston

    Instead of each consecutive correct answer multiplying exponentially, as per previous scoring system, each correct answer is now effectively worth the same, although there is a small bonus for consecutive correct answers.  Here is how it works:

    Par score for each answer is 3.6 seconds, worth 1600 points.  If you are faster than 3.6 seconds, you receive an extra 64.5 points (rounded down) per 0.1 seconds.  Up to a maximum of 3600 for 0.5 seconds or faster.  Slower than 3.6 seconds, you lose approximately 9.15 points per 0.1 seconds (rounded down), to a minimum of 100 points for 20.0 seconds or slower.

    For example, answering in 2.6 seconds is worth 2245 points, 1.6 seconds = 2890.  4.6 scores you 1508, 5.6 = 1417, 13.6 = 685.  And so on.

    Second consecutive correct answer receives the same points as above + 400 points bonus.  Third in a row is the exact same as the second.  Fourth in a row is the same + 800 points (instead of 400).  Fifth correct answer receives *double points* + 800 bonus.

    Any incorrect answer receives zero points & means that your next correct answer receives the same points as your first (i.e no bonus).

    In summary, 5 * 3.6 second answers would total 12000 points.  5 * 1.6 (for example) would achieve 19740.  5 * 0.5 or quicker = 24000 (maximum score). 5 * 20.0 or slower = 3000 (600 points + 2400 bonuses).

    The amount of consecutive correct answers still scores a bonus, but the advantage is negligible.  The emphasis now is being faster than your opponent.  Guessing or copying is not as successful. If you answer the same amount of songs correctly, the faster player will now nearly always win.

  • Di Resanovich

    Kudo's to Patrick Dugan on developing a knock off song pop le t us know when u do because I too am cdone ith song pop the last straw was when they replaced choosing an oppponent randomly to Best Match just not ss fun anymore

  • Justin Byrley

    Now that the multiplier bug has been fixed, I don't mind the new scoring.  I actually think it's an improvement.  People didn't succeed very often, but when your opponent used to answer the first 4 songs 0.5-1.0 second slower than you before "missing" the last one, they were trying to cheat by guessing in 0.1.  The old scoring system would have awarded them a win for guessing correctly, and the new one eliminates that problem.

  • Alicia Gilbert
  • Tim Costner
    I can't speak to the old scoring system because I just started SongPop about a month ago. The worst part of the game, however, is that opponents can see your guess. If you miss the first song and your opponent doesn't, the round becomes a foregone conclusion, making the last four songs irrelevant -- all they have to do is copy your next four answers. Where's the gameplay in that? If anything, revealing the opponent's guess should be severely delayed, perhaps by a couple seconds, so that copying is not a viable strategy.

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