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Coins for 5 Star achievement



  • Sebastiaan van Dijk
    That would be a good stimulating reward.
  • Nikki N

    it's disheartening to get to the 5 star level and see the little circle around the 5th star move so slowly!! 

  • Michael Carrera
    True the time playing to get 5 stars a little reward would be nice like coins or a new 5 stars category, a gold,sliver,bronze star or medal so your apponenet know u mastered a playlist!!! Something like that
  • Ann-Marie Matthews
    I agree there should be additional rewards!!
  • Jeff Elliott
    I spent 100 power ups to finishe the 80's genre just to be disappointed . I feel free coins or your choice of any genre should be given.
  • Sarah Groner
    There should be an incentive for earning 5 coins in a playlist. It's extremely hard and bonus points or adding more stars or advancing to a 2nd playlist would be awesome! Like 90's alternative 2, but only availiable for those who completed the original playlist
  • Tara Lightner
    I just made this very same request!!
  • Rude Bwoy
    YES PLEASE REWARD US 5 star experts!!!
  • Lynsey Adamson
    Yes I agree.. What an anticlimax getting 5*s is. Some sort of reward or recognition ie a well done would at least make you feel you have achieved something.
  • Samantha Mathers
    Yes please! Some recognition for achieving 5 stars would be excellent & keep interest in the game up!
  • Sare Bell
    An incentive at the end is an awesome idea
  • Lee Green

    Agreed - please reward a 5 star achievement - it takes a lot of time and dedication to get there!

    Also, why not consider bronze, silver and gold stars? - so you can go all the way around around 3 times if you like! I still like to keep playing my 5 star play-lists (as I'm sure do many others) - that's why we buy them in the first place - this would keep it interesting for much longer. 

  • Angel Davis
    Yes pls!!!! An maybe make that 5th star move a little faster?
  • Jason Vaysberg

    I agree so much with this. Mastery is so important when you dig into the game deeply, but has gotten such little attention. No rewards for mastering, no achievements related to it, no congratulations message even other than unlocking more songs for the 5th time...

  • Angela Midtsaeter
    I just finished the 80's collection & got nothing for my 5 star achievement. I thought I would get VIP for a certain time limit like I did the last genre I hit 5 stars with???
  • Barbara Hallanger
  • Stav Librowski

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