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  • Scott Trimble

    The system above would not fix the problem I just witnessed. In fact, I do not see the logic of a multiplier for consecutive songs guessed correctly. If I get four of five correct, why should it matter if the one I missed was the first, third, or last song of the five?

    I just played a game in which I got the first song in under 2 seconds. My opponent got it wrong. We both got the second question, but I got it faster. I missed the third question, and my opponent got it right, but her response took over 2 seconds. We both got the fourth and fifth correct, but I was faster on both. So, we both answered correctly on four of the questions, and I was faster on all. However, because her wrong answer was on the first song, and she got four in a row, whereas I got two consecutive, missed one, then got two consecutive, so I didn't get the 3-in-a-row multiplier, so I lost.

    Considering that there is no increasing level of difficulty, or any other meaningful correlation from one question to the next, the multiplier rule makes no sense. Four correct answers in under six seconds total should result in a higher score than four correct answers in about nine seconds total.

  • Marcel De Graaf

    I agree with Scott. I just lost a game in which I got 4 answers right and my opponent got 3, but because she had the first 3 right and I made a mistake on the 3rd, I didn't get a 3 in a row bonus, so I lost. WTF! Look at the attached image. 

    And yes, my mistake was a really stupid one, but all the same... you shouldn't lose with 4 to 3 correct answers, you just shouldn't.  

  • Russell

    I only suggested it this way to make it more fair than the way it currently is, because the owners of SongPop obviously wanted a multiplier system.  I agree in a perfect world it would just be who answered the more songs/artists correct and fastest.

  • Jack Devlin
    The scoring system is terrible points need to be awarded on a quickest times only !!!!!! The multiplier should be for star allocation only ie as it is now but not adding to the overall score simple !!!
  • Jack Devlin
    Oh yeah and whilst I'm at it 4 in a row in 8.7 seconds should beat 4 in a row in 13.6 but it doesn't if your 4 are songs 1-4 and not songs 2-5 .crazy !!!!
  • Jeremy walker

    I agree that the scoribg is way messed up. Needs to be changed. fastest time should win. ive lost games missing one and opponent missing two. thats jacked up. oh well.

  • Robby Trottier
    The scoring was fine. This is more messed up now. Getting 3-4 in a row now doesn't mean a thing. All it does is encourage people to guess wildly on categories they don't know in .3 seconds. They need to bring the consecutive bonuses back and the original point system. You can lose by getting 3 in a row at 2 seconds to someone that guesses 2 nonconsecutive wild guesses in .3 seconds. It isn't fair.
  • Muso Geek

    Or if you get 4/5 but the middle one incorrect, no stars!!!  That's most frustrating...

  • Graham Bayliss
    Thought scoring had got better until me and opponent both got 5 out of 5 - overall I was a full 3 seconds faster yet LOST by 2000 points!! How is that fair? He took 11 seconds 2 answer the first 2 songs 2 my 7 and only got the last 2 songs faster than me yet he won! Have now deleted app from phone and from Facebook and refuse to play such an unbalanced and unfair game.
  • Ann Thompson
    I don't understand the scoring system.

    How is it right if both opponents get ALL 5 songs correct. But the person with the slower time loses. This keeps happening and its making me very cross!
  • Aaron L. Gould
    I agree. The scoring makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! How can a person get more songs correct, yet still lose? Or how can you have the same amount right and less time but still lose? That is not right at all! Please change.

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