Incentive for buying new playlists.



  • Angloo

    I have mentioned this many times on the SongPop forum with no reply.

  • Kelly

    i agree, i am not buying any new playlists because i will never get an opportunity to play them- have several playlists. it is also frustrating to have a challenge where all 3 are already completed- waste of time b/c it's finished. 

  • Russell

    Good luck with your request for months there have been threads asking for this and we can get no response from anyone about it. I really don't see them responding to this thread either but hopefully they will actually try to give their customers what they want.  I just won't hold my breath.

  • D Kulik22

    I think there should be a way to pick your own playlists. But, I don't think it will happen because it requires coins to shuffle. I'm sure there are some people who BUY coins for that particular reason. SongPop would lose those who pay with real cash. So...I don't see my request making it as a SongPop feature.

    Still, it's a great game...and it's free!

  • Justin Byrley

    I don't like the notion of just picking your own playlist.  If you play enough, the person with the broadest music knowledge should win the match.  You shouldn't be able to pick...say...Modern Rap every single time you play someone just because it's the only category you can beat them at.

  • Jerem BoyBadtrip

    @Justin Byrley

    It's not like you can pick a certain category every single time, because that would really not be fun.

    The problem here is that the chance of a playlist appearing becomes smaller as your list becomes bigger. Using Dave R's situation, he has already 42 playlists. I'm no expert at probability computation, but I can safely guess that the chance for playlist you want to appear is really small, even with the use of Shuffle Playlist (because even when you shuffle the same playlists may appear again).

    Now, to increase the chance of a certain playlist to appear, the possible solutions would be to change how the game picks playlists at random (which I might discuss at another thread), or to lower the count of the list.

    To lower the count of the list, possible options would be (a) the ability to delete/remove playlists (which I believe sucks because time and gold are wasted), or (b) the ability to disable/enable playlists, which I believe is a better option because nothing is wasted. Of course there would be rules for this (like a minimum, for example).

    Another solution might be to increase the playlist count on the Pick a Playlist as your total number of playlists grows. Maybe add 1 for every 15 playlists you have? So when you hit 30, you will have to choose from 5 playlists (instead of 3).

  • Donald T Collier

    I love this game, but I've stopped paying for Premium until something is done about this issue. I appreciate all the effort you're putting into new playlists, but lately I avoid the ones that seem even slightly fun because I know i'm going to be stuck with them. If I didn't love Christmas songs so much I would have skipped them, really tired of seeing the Halloween lists keep popping up. I really like the options the original poster mentioned.

  • Michael Carrera
    Agree!! True
  • DisOrder Dis

    so true: the more Categories you have, the less you can play with your new purchases... here I suggested an alternative to the power of disabling playlists - it could be and alternative incentive for buying new playlists (when the shuffle for a game happens to choose THREE COMPLETED PLAYLISTS, you have the chance to give a shuffle without spending a power up)

  • Did32


  • Did32

    really agree

  • Angloo

    And note that in the TWO MONTHS SINCE this list has been up, Songpop has done NOTHING. ZERO. NADA. 

    Why can we not delete playlists? NO answer.

    Why can we not preview a playlist in case in turns out to be something we hate? Crickets.

    I will not spend ONE DIME on Songpop until they start acting like a company that values its customers. Believe me, if there were another game like this, I would drop this one ion a nanosecond.

    AND I have left an email AND VOICEMAIL at  their offices. This was also several MONTHS ago. They are unresponsive.

    Or worse.

    They don't give a ......let's say fadoo....about us.

  • Jerem BoyBadtrip

    I definitely agree with Angloo. SongPop can do whatever the heck they want because currently they are enjoying monopoly in the song guessing game (no competition. Music Challenge? nah). I mean, if you really like the game of song guessing and some competition, then SongPop is the only choice because literally there is no other choice.

    I wonder though, when can we expect a rival?

  • Christine Holloway

    As fun as this game is (or any game on FB for that matter), I can't see the point of using your credit card to pay for trivial things like extra coins just to get to the next level -or in Movie Pop, being able to unlock special categories. Also, SP should reward users with more free coins and powerups for the the answers they get correctly. Having to use your credit to get extra perks is a scam IMO.

  • Michaelpoudre59
    Je suggère la possibilité d acheter les playlists avec nos boosts dont on ne sait quoi en faire
  • Michaelpoudre59
    Acheter playlists avec boosts

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