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Higher (or differently counted) challenge limits for all



  • Did32

    yeah put a bonus when the player bring a new player

  • Jerem BoyBadtrip

    "My suggestion is: maintain the limit to the challenges a free user can launch himself, but make him challengeable, by everyone with nickname or AT LEAST by his FB friends!"


    I agree so much with this.

  • Karen Niles Cave

    My issue is that even though I deleted a challenge with a friend, it still is being counted towards my 20 challenges, so I can't be challenged by my Face Book friends.....but, I can be challenged by random users.....something is NOT right with that! I deleted challenges so that I only had 5 active ones, and yet my friend STILL couldn't send me a challenge! Get this fixed please!!!!

  • Łukasz Tahra Pobłocki

    I too have the problem... both me and my friend have below 20 challenges but everytime we try to send a challenge to eachother there is a massage "your opponent has too many challenges..." !

    We had like 80 games together and we were exchanging challenges but suddenly, when she sent one to me, nothing happened.. and we both had status 'waiting' then i decided to delete and start again  but we just couldn't start again..

  • Donna Lindsay
    If you want more than 20 games going at once, why not just open another account and then you've got 20 more and then you can open another and now you've got 60 and open another and you've got 80.... That's what I do! You can use the fake email address to create a new account then personalize it by changing the username and password. Don't forget to change the password before logging out of one account to the next , otherwise you will never be able to open that account again OR use that same username!
  • DisOrder Dis

    @Donna Lindsay: not really. I'm not interested in starting again with Songpop with other accounts, and I think this happens to most Songpop people... Songpop is captivating because you play with your friends and capitalize your experience (with playlist completed, more playlists availavable etc.) - I don't want to "play for playing", and if Songpop won't let me play more than some minute/a day in the future, instead of starting from zero with other accounts I will use my time with other games or stuff.

  • Stephanie Neekee Ward

    how do i delete a challenge?

  • Pattypadgett

    I am not sure how the scoring works but was under the impression that when a player quits a game just before the tournament is over, he/she is doing so because they are losing and don't want the loss to count against them, therefore, taking away your win.  After reading some of the comments on here, I conclude that if I am not the one quitting and I don't delete them when they quit, it will still count on my score.  Is that correct.  It really makes me mad when I am beating someone and they wait until Sat or Sun afternoon to quit.  I think that once a person signs on to play with you, they should be counted for the entire tournament and the final results.  Quitting to keep it from counting against them is not fair (if that is indeed the case).  I agree also that players should be given a time limit.  I know some folks still work and can only play in the evenings or week-ends.  I have a player who was kind enough to let me know that so I always kept that in mind when she wasn't playing too regularly.  A little courtesy like that goes a long way.   If I have one who misses an entire tournament, I give them until the following Wednesday (just in case they were on vacation) and then I delete them to make room for someone who does want to play.

  • Ann Thompson
    This company really know how to piss off their loyal fans.!!

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