Life after 5 Star status/ranking?? Let's have a GOLD CLASS club for those with 5 stars



  • Nic Rotondo

    Once you achieve your 4th Star in a category... how many wins does it take to get to the 5th Star? We've all experienced it... it's a slow grind to #5... I was just wondering if someone had the answer to that...

  • Sangreeno
    It takes 1536 "ding" sounds to get 5 star.
  • Shannon Upchurch Hall

    Great idea!

  • Justin Byrley

    I love this idea.  I enjoy the game regardless, but it can get boring playing my friends at the 2000's, 90's, 80's, and other mainstream categories because I've already mastered them.

  • L Raftery
    Just checked the status of this request.....CLOSED!!! Hmmmm, what does this actually mean?? Not enough interest in topic by users?? Not a good idea according to designers?? Some feedback from the powers that be re 'closed' status would be appreciated. Just common courtesy, nothing more. It's disheartening when you try to become involved in the process of making the 'Song Pop' community better for everyone and are totally ignored. Next time i probably won't bother, there will be other new apps that may provide this interactive music niche AND prioritize the delivery of customer service. Without us there's no app.
  • Nic Rotondo

    I'm in complete agreement with L Raftery... why even have a user forum if representatives from SongPop are not going to frequent the threads and offer feedback on whats being talked about... perhaps you feel that your company/product/game is so popular that this sort of interaction isn't necessary... well, that said... I'm a 5-star achiever in 7 genres about to be 10 and I'm growing bored... and when users become bored, they leave... ask MySpace... ask Flickr... remember AOL? It's a new year and you SongPop folks better get your shit together quick 'cause I can already hear you jumpin' the shark.

    And to you L Raftery... my screen name is HEDPHONGNOME... challenge me... I play regularly (at least for now) and I'd love some challenging rounds ;-)

  • L Raftery
    Can't resist a challenge !! However my track record is not even close to yours so you may be a tad disappointed. It's a game & all in good fun so am looking forward to playing you :-). PS: a girl I play regularly might be right up your alley, unbeatable - how's THAT for a challenge!! She has plenty of 5 Gold Stars & her username is Tessa S. so you might want to challenge her, heaps better than little ol' me. See you soon HEDPHONGNOME !!
  • L Raftery
    My user ID is. _luci_ Could find you Nic.........but me thinks you might get pretty bored pretty quickly playing me!!! LOL
  • L Raftery
    I meant to say I couldn't find you.....
  • L Raftery
    I meant to say I couldn't find you.....
  • L Raftery
    I meant to say I couldn't find you.....
  • Keith Bly

    I suggested when you go head-to-head with another player who also has 5 stars on that playlist, a 10-song challenge is presented with super-multipliers for super-streaks, and the winner gets 5 coins or a power-up.

  • Donna Lindsay
    Once again... If you ever want someone from songpop to take notice and send a response, you have to email them directly... Come on people! Do you really think if you keep doing the same thing over and over again with no response that it's going to change the next time you try??? Hey! What an excellent idea to actually send a personal email.... No one else think of doing that? I get a response to my emails no matter how stupid and insignificant they may be! Maybe I shouldn't have spilled the beans!
  • Michael Carrera
    Great idea!!
  • Sheree Moskow
    I was thinking get a new playlist of your choice after completing one, because the way it is now is very anticlimactic.
  • John Schmutzer

    They have a place for expert's right here :)

  • SongPop Support

    Hi Forum, 

    This sounds like a great idea, Would any of you be interested in a separate forum for 5 star members? I would love to hear your ideas and feedback and see what we can do! :)


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  • Denisetjosee
    Thank a lot to songpop for that.. We can now have 1 week VIP for free after getting 5 stars, BIG THANK :)
  • Siva Kanagaratnam
    I completed 5 stars on indie rock but did not get my VIP reward. What do I do?

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