Credit a win when opponents won't play!



  • Nic Rotondo

    The part of this one I really agree with is that if an opponent quits because you've run up a lead on them... you should immediately get credit for that win without having to keep the "GAME OVER" in your queue until Sunday evening. To me, this is a no-brainer fix.

  • L Raftery

    Totally agree. Put a time frame on participation. There will be some occasions when life gets in the way of playing the game, but this affects everyone playing the game. Most of the time it won't be a problem, but if it does then just suck it up. That way it's fair for everyone. I hope you get a good result as this is a great suggestion.

  • Nick Robb
    It sucks but if you get ahead and they won't play But then they delete you as long as YOU don't delete the game you will still get win and powerup After the tournament is done you delete that person and move on...... That's what I do!!!!
  • Alan

    I disagree.  Life can legitimately get in the way of playing regularly and somebody shouldn't be punished for having a life.  Quite often I simply have no time to play during the week unless it's one game here or there, but I still love to play on weekends.

  • Dan Richwalski

    so all the guys that start losing and then switch into playlists in another language can get free wins? i think not.

  • Danielle June Peters
    Or, there should at least be a way to delete old challenges when there are people that just don't play any more. My challenge list is full and 90% of the people haven't played in a couple of months.
  • Nic Rotondo

    Danielle... just hover your mouse all the way to the right side of any challenge and a small "X" will appear allowing you to delete any challenge.

  • Michael Carrera
    True at least one credit!
  • Vince Dunne
    Ban cheaters like zac G as well. He cheats and still can not beat some people. Well me at least.
  • Tami Johnson
    I agree with Nice, I've had a couple of opponents (who challenged ME in the first place) who I sparred back and forth with all week, only to have them delete the game as soon as they were one or two ahead on Sat or Sun! This sucks! Whoever deletes a tournament before the week is out should forfeit all their coins won with that person that week to the opponent.
  • Troy J. Guerrera Sylvia
    I totally agree
  • April M Reckord
    Totally agree!!
  • gypsyrose_2009
    I totally agree
  • Wendy Simbolini
    The names just sit there if you credit a win others are encouraged to play.
    Otherwise there should be a way to delete if someone doesn't want to play.
    Thank you,
    Wendy Simbolini
  • Audrey Miller
    sometimes people have a legit reason for not playing. they should fix the game so people can't cheat, though
  • Stephen Glover
    I agree as well. I have deleted those who hold on to a lead until the weekend is up. That irks me. If you're not going to be fair...then don't play. I could have done the same to them when I had the lead and usually they have a 1 point lead....then just stop playing. Please do something...
  • Stephen Glover I get it. When the "game over" icon appears that means someone quit and possibly because you have a lead. That's happened before.

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