On the screen that has 3 of our playlists to choose from, if player accidentally buys a new playlist, ask for verification of intent to purchase.



  • Heather Alwaysangel Kimble
    I just sent a request for this too!!
  • Judy Shoemaker
    So true, has happened to me also.
  • Robby Trottier
    Happened to me as well. Now I'm stuck with Trip Hop! Why couldn't it have been a playlist I'd use?!?!?
  • FaZer

    This is already implemented in the Android Version, last time I pressed on a list, it asked me and now it's possible to hear the songs

    of the list, before buying.

  • hotmud

    Yeah, me too.  It happened when I was just learning how to play.  I didn't know what I was doing.  I really don't want Modern Rap or 90's Alternative!  Yuchy!!!  How can I give them back? Even better, I want to sell them back!

  • Shauna Equality Hummell
    I've mentioned this issue several times (namely whenever I accidentally purchase a genre i have no use for.) I am stuck with metal, power metal, a Swedish one i can't even pronounce, and I just now bought salsa against my will. Please! At 3 or 1 coins per game those are like gold!
  • Kristyim50
    Please fix these problem it can only help the game
  • Sherri Whalen
    I've done this before when the app freezes so I click again only or it to unfreeze at that moment and I end up unintentionally purchasing a playlist... Like Christmas tunes
  • Jennifer Dempsey Barnett

    I just got stuck with female country UGH!!!

  • suzu_804

    I think it's just a trick to get us to buy more playlists.

  • Fred Leal

    you guys realize this is probably their intention, right?

  • Mit Rages

    This is just BS, we should be able to delete a playlist if we want to.

  • Carlysant

    me too!! I never even heard of "trances"??? none of those songs! I didn't even click on anything!! I want my coins back, takes forever to earn them. Boo on you Songpop. :(

  • Darrell Pi

    Not so much for me, but I can't even estimate how many power ups I have lost accidentally from shuffle playlist being right under the next arrow in the game. My mouse is a bit touchy I guess and I click once to move to the next screen and it doubles up and shuffles the playlists before I even see what came up.

  • Joe Johns
    I logged off and for some reason, I lost all my coins and playlists purchased. Is there a way to retreive them? If there is, email me at: joejohns@realemail.net. ..thank you!
  • Ronald Ng

    While it seems like poor usability/interface design, it's just another small thing that can very easily be interpreted as opportunistic and greedy.

    It's not that hard to add a confirmation to that button and there is no excuse for not implementing that... unless of course they find they're making so much money from people accidentally hitting it that they don't want to change it.

    I find the same issue with the placement of the 'Shuffle Playlist' button. When you're hitting the confirmations to move through to your next challenge, it's very easy to hit the mouse too many times and shuffle when you don't intend to.

    The UX/interface designers at Freshplanet need to have a good look at these issues (and themselves), whether by design or accident, if these user-interface elements are placed in such a way so as to generate more income through unintended user behaviour, it's unprofessional, unethical and the sort of thing that should be reported to Facebook to investigate.

  • Donna Brecheen

    I just purchased K pop or something I never heard of.  Hate, hate , hate the placement of purchase and shuffle.

  • Kahmaro

    I believe they drop that RAP crap on everyone!

  • Sue Fox

     Don't flash the other players choice, it's very distracting, wait till  I make my choice. Also I just used 379 coins on a category and I haven't seen it come up to use yet.

  • Katiedecm
    I know exactly what you are all referring to. It has all happened to me, and believe me, it's intentional. There is so much crap that no one wants so they figured out a way to unload it, and what can you do? One on my biggest pet peeves is when you do buy a playlist that you want, days can go by before you see it show up, because of course they have to try and push the junk, plus try and force you to buy a playlist you don't want. Shuffle is the big moneymaker for them. Once you start using it, all of the genres you are interested in pulling up go into hiding, never to be seen. You run out of powerups, and they start the hard sell, Facebook, which is advertising for them...drag you in for 3measly powerups? I feel 1) you should only have playlists you are interested in 2) nothing should ever be sold or bought on 1click, the must be a confirmation. 3) when you buy a playlist it should appear on your list immediately. 4) if there is junk in you list of 3 genres to choose to play, you should be able to delete it, even if you consciously bought it. If you want to take the loss, that's you choice to make.
  • Cae22a

    The interaction I have so far had with song pop support team so a complete lack of regard and respect for it's clients and their intellect.  Here is a selection of our communication so far:


    When a client purchases a product from you and then has no control over when they can use it it is very frustrating and annoying! When are you going to set up procedure that allows the client to choose the genre they wish to use from all the genre's they have purchased not just the three that your computer generates? Often I have used 10 -13 powerups to shuffle through for the genre I have purchased and want to use. This is an unacceptable practice of your company and needs correcting.

    Song pop support

    Support, Mar 28 21:10 (EDT): Hi
    Thank you for contacting us! Currently, this is expected behavior in SongPop. We do not have a way to turn off this feature or to opt out of this feature. We're sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact us if you have any further questions or feedback, we are here to help!
    Thank you for playing SongPop!


    Expected by Who?? not the paying client I am sure!  Of course you have a way to turn the feature off or even opt out of the feature.  Are you attempting to tell me that you have no control over the coding at the back end of your site! Your response to my question is utter rubbish with a complete lack respect for my intellect. 

    Please come back with something better that I can share with my songpop and facebook friends. 


    I am waiting for their response

  • Clovis Mello

    Cae22a: I think it's not realistic to expect to choose any genre you want for every matchup.  Part of the game is to have the random element.  Having said that, I do believe that they should allow you to disable a playlist that you have purchased.  That way, if you accidentally purchase something, or it's not what you expect, you don't have it clogging your choices.

  • Katiedecm
    I think it is very realistic to choose the genre that you want to play- the random aspect comes in when you play others who have different tastes. If you only play with friends you might end up playing from the same playlists, but I chose all my partners at random, and I have be challenged by every category in the game--their best against my best. That being said, I really resent being called an idiot, and that is what the developers are doing when they tell us that they can't change to allow deleting the crap that they forced onto our playlists. They can do whatever they want with this game! Just as they put those sneaky traps in, like no confirmation of any types of choices, and the "next" button overlying the shuffle bar, they can give us a choice to delete unwanted and unused playlists. No gameis carved in stone, regardless of what they try to tell us, and every time I read their lies, and lies they are, I steam!
  • David Burian

    Verification should also be provided when purchasing Powerups!  I already earned 20 and accidentally hit the 400 button and got 10 more when all I wanted to do was get a new playlist!  I would never buy more shuffles when I already had 20. We should be able to transfer OR sell back our coins, shuffles, and playlists.  The fact that there are no "confirmation screens" for newbies is very telling.  I am very angry that I "finally" got to that magic 399 number and lost it on Shuffles that I'll never use.  Shame on you, SongPop.  I'll be deleting  this app soon, and I'm the kind of player that you want to keep.

  • Stephanie Fritz
    1 word playlist.....ELVIS!!!!!
  • Susan

    SongPop has been spinning "loading" for four days now. I have not been able to play for those four days. I have sent emails to the "Team". I got the same feed back as Cae22a stated above. Jess tells me he has notified the "Team" and they are looking into it. But, the animosity towards me was astonishing. One would think SongPop would be courteous to their players and would try to keep them very happy and keep them playing. If I didn't have 8,000 coins and 700 powerups saved. I would just delete the app.

  • Cindy Shelton

    I see a class action lawsuit opportunity/ 

  • Deborah Thompson Goins
    I have no idea what I am doing. I have never been able to figure this game out! Lol but my cousin keeps challenging me to play. Is there anywhere I can go that will explain the game to me. Have I purchased something with real money? Please help!! Thank you and God bless Sincerely, Debbiedo1164
  • Debbi Savillo

    Everytime I purchase a playlist, it hardly ever comes up.  What's with that?  Why purchase if you cant play it!!

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