Add a confirmation field for shuffling songs



  • Cynthia Wilburn

    I love playing SongPop...I would like a confirmation field for shuffling songs....I have lost so many powerups because when I click next to select my song list to challenge the player I am playing it will automatically steal 1 and sometimes 2 powerups...I am very careful not to click more than once but if there was a confirmation I would not have to worry about wasting my powerups.  Another suggestion would be to move the shuffle playlist box from directly behind the next button.  I have no problem using my powerups to remove 2 songs.

  • Cynthia Wilburn

    It's me again. This morning I used up all my powerups the same way I lost most of them last night.  After going down to zero powerups, I played 13 rounds and with 3 of those rounds when it would do the extra click it would ask me if I wanted to BUY more powerups.  If there was a confirmation when using powerups then none would be wasted.  Please do something about this problem????

  • Shirley Liou

    please move that freaking shuffle playlist button somewhere else!!!!! i keep pushing it on accident. 

  • Sangreeno

    Although I have never had this problem I sympathize with those that have. Moving the shuffle button seems like an easy fix.

  • Amber Bayer
    I support this request to either A) Relocate our"shuffle playlist" button Or B) Submit an order to your "App"Master for a Confirmation window so that many of us don't lose power ups. I've wasted countless PU's and everytime its happened I never wanted the list reshuffled. You beg, entice and repeatedly inform us to rate, comment and submit requests regarding SongPop. Time to listen to your people.
  • Thiago Rodrigues
    Totally support this suggestion, came here just to write about the same thing the other users have already did like 6 months ago. Is there any chance something will change?? Please, listen to us, this is a very simple and reasonable request! If you don't do so, it's going to be pretty clear that you are dishonestly doing it on purpose, attempting to have people to buy more PowerUps... Which would be just lame.
  • SVO

    If I'm going to spend a Powerup to shuffle the play list it needs to at least be 3 DIFFERENT genere/category choices EACH TIME, theerby allowing me to select the category I want without spending 10+ Powerups to find it in my play list.  NONE of the discarded choices should appear in the next spent Powerup!!!

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