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Reporting a Problem



  • Cubybear53
    Lately, when I try to play the bonus games to buy more coins,etc, it won't load.
  • Mary Moore Graff
    A lot of songs have to sound and/or breaking up. How can me or my opponent guess all 5 songs at "0" scoring an absolute perfect score? Has been this way a couple days.
  • Jlm Mccall
    This isn't a request but a bug report. When I play one particular person on my list, the game will take away my win and give it to her. It just awarded her my point and it took away a previous win I had. I've noticed it doing it to her as well and sometimes even when she had points it gives her 0.
  • Tara Wilkins
    Trying to play game and it keeps coming up with no sound . No good having a song game with no sound xx
  • Frieda Murphy6
    A lot of the playlists have no sound. You have to just guess your answers. Fix please!!!!!!!!
  • Tammy Sutton

    The Playlist : Foolin Around is playing the same song everytime not what is listed on the list after the songs are over its same song same artist everytime you have to random choose a song after songs play and it shows the titles and artists of the songs that played it doesn't match up to the list, you have to guess what song if you get one correct your lucky, I pay for the VIP membership and this is not what I pay for please fix this problem ASAP

  • Debz Be Greener
    I'm getting playlists with no sound. I notice others have had same complaint so its obviously a bug that needs fixing. You're gonna lose a lot of players if it doesn't get sorted as a priority. It's a music quiz not a guessing game
  • Scottsmith162
    Why have my Beatle 2no been deleted WHY I paid 399 coins for both collections please reinstate
  • Antonia Sjöö
    The won't get fooled again playlist is in some random language. It can't really be played because of it....
  • Carol Andersen

    Sara by Starship is in the 70's AM Radio Playlist. The song is from the year of 1985. 

  • B b

    Playlist- Queens Of   Country  track played From This Moment by Shania Twain duet with Bryan White.  Answers in game showed Bryan White and Shania Twain seperartly, I clicked Shania twain as she is the recording artist and it came up wrong. The game said Bryan White was correct answer,   Even if this was correct, which it isnt, why is Bryan White aoppearing in Queens of Country


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