• Anna Corlew

    Also, one of the shows is misnamed. It should be Lois and Clark not Louis and Clark.

  • Jeff Lewis

    The song title still hasn't been changed.. but from what I read, it's not just the language, the artist is incorrect as well.  The song that plays is obviously "The Final Frontier" from the NBC show, "Mad About You".  The song was recorded by Andrew Gold. 

  • Lauren Leigh
    Category: 90's TV Themes The wrong theme song is played for "Sex and the City." I don't know what song actually plays, but it is 100% not correct. The wrong theme song is played for "Mad About You."
  • Tim Huijzers

    there must be a better version of fresh prince of bell-air

  • Horsegirl 24

    Please take a whay the video to JAG becose it´s not the video for that show is a Video for the car Jaguar XKR-S GT

  • Scott Gellerman

    It's been mentioned before, but it's Lois and Clark, not Louis and Clark.

  • Jason Martin

    This is marked as "done", but it still appears as "Dingue de toi"!!

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