• 윤배

    Exactly...  they should be added in the Cpop genre which doesn't exist on Song Pop at the moment ^_^

  • Elli-elin
    C-Real's No No No No is wrong song. It's some kind of american rap.
  • Kitty
    When there is a 4 Minute song playing, there are often both '4 Minute' and '4Minute' among the answer choices. How am I supposed to decide which one is the actual correct answer when both are the same? Can someting please be done against that? Thank you.
  • Alexandra Michiels

    Like 4Minute songs, there is a problem with the group Beast. Beast and B2st refer to the same group. Can you correct that? Thank you.

  • Marie Esclozas
    The group "4 minute" and "4minute" are the same. Same thing for "beast" and "b2st". Also the song "Ah!" By After School isn't wrong. Please actualize it, thank you.
  • Shared Account

    Hey guys, thanks for your diligent reports. We've corrected all of the issues listed here and changes should be in effect within 24 hours. Thanks again!

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