• Jaye Poimboeuf

    Yes great white did a cover of this song but what becomes confusing is you have in some play list that great white did the song and in some playlist that survivor did the song

  • Laura Miranda

    I just had a similar situation with the song Hard to Handle.  The snippet played was the Black Crowes but they were not a choice.  The other options were obviously not correct so I picked Great White, which happened to be correct.  Out of curiosity, I looked at the youtube video and it was a cover from "The Voice" which has nothing to do with any of the choices. Stick to what is popular and known instead of coming up with these obscure options.


  • Garble86

    That makes NO SENSE. You're insisting SongPop can't include any cover versions of songs??? Really!? WTF!

  • Laura Miranda

    I am not saying that Song Pop should not include cover versions. What I am saying is that if you are going to use a cover version, use the correct artist for the cover.. The one I got was the Black Crowes singing the song, it was not a cover.  The Black Crowes were not an option.  The correct answer was Great White.  They should have used Great White's cover version, if that was the answer. The video that was attached had nothing to do with any of the choices as it was not of Great White or The Black Crowes, but from yet another person doing a cover from "The Voice".  The video was inconsistent with the song which was inconsistent with the choices given.  No where in there did I say do not use covers, I simply said make them consistent.  The choices should match who is ACTUALLY singing. If it had been Great White singing, having the option for Great White is fine.  It becomes obscure when you have the artist that is well known to have released the song as the snippet and they are not an option as a guess.  If it was a cover such as Whitney Houston singing I will always love you, that everyone has heard, that is also different.  Just be consistent.   and Garble86 chill out until you know what the person is trying to say instead of jumping to conclusions.

  • Garble86

    I've played that. It >IS< Great White's cover.

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