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70's Supersounds




  • Eric Field

    Wild thing by the Troggs was put out in the 60's also

  • Talktotara
    How about NWA, DMX, Oasis, Gorrillaz, Meat Puppets, Tracy Chapman, Whitesnake and Rascal Flatts?
  • Sean Wilson

    im a bit confused too. life is a highway/tom cochrane is from 1991, song by cake is 1996

  • Kimberly Little-Givens
    the playlist is almost identical to Road Trip Music
  • Gina Minor

    Song Pop may "like" music, but sure doesn't KNOW it much. 70's Supersounds  playlist is ALL messed up! Such as: Bon Jovi "Wanted Dead Or Alive" 1986, Talking Heads "Road To Nowhere" 1985, Whitesnake "Here I Go Again"1982, Shangri-La's "Leader Of The Pack" 1965, Rush "Spirit Of Radio" 1980, Motorhead "Ace Of Spades" 1980, George Thorogood "Bad To The Bone" 1982, Quiet Riot "Bang Your Head" 1982, Bruce Springsteen "Born In The U.S.A." 1984, Stone Temple Pilot "Interstate Love Song" 1994, Cake "I Will Survive" 1997, DMX  "Ruff Ryder's Anthem" 1998 (WAY off)  These are out of the 20 song's on the example list, leaving you a mere 8 that are actually from the 70's, and giving you a total of 12 songs that are NOT. So you got OVER HALF WRONG, not a good percentage. Which leads me to this question; are you, or will you in the near future, be looking to hire someone with a vast amount of knowledge in music? Someone who also pays close attention to details? Call me, we'll do lunch.

  • Larry Schoeneich

    Apparently they don't care about their customers, simple as that , this list is only one of a dozen I have found that are messed up and they do nothing to fix them at all and I doubt they read these forums either so talking here is probably as waste of time , I have even twittered them about this 70s supersounds list , they obviously don't care , there is no way they don't know by now. 


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