Wrong playlists?



  • Carrie Raymond-Gardner
    Shout at the Devil by Motley Crüe should not be in Rock Ballads.
  • Kevin Middleton
    Why has my playlists been removed have only 6 left out about 20????????
  • Judith Kent

    I have lost several playlists and some have been added erroneously

  • Judith Kent

    return my playlists Judith Kent

  • Dave mast
    I have two for you

    Skeeter Davis ( I think that was the name) don't they know it's the end of the world was in the 70s country and 60's and yesterday
  • Dave mast
    And the theme from the exorcist song was playing and the answer choices were tubular bell and the theme from the exorcist and by chance the one I choose was wrong. Please make this adjustments
  • Dave mast
    Here is another mistake

    Grand Funk and Grand Funk Railroad are the same band and I lost a game to this.
  • Kathie Gunder
    Why is American Pie in Love Songs?
  • B b

    In Category Aussie Country, two answers were american artists. Alan Jackson and Miranda Lambert are American not aussie

  • B b

    In Category Sexy 80's songs, there is the song "Slave To Love" this song IS NOT by 9 weeks it IS Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music

  • B b

    In category 1980's soft pop you have slave to love by 9 weeks this is incorrect it is slave to love by Bryan Ferry

  • Mitchellauto
    Major Tom was a hit by David Bowe in 1969. This song was not a one hit wonder??
  • Marisa1968
    3T, Donna Summer and Diana Ross should not be on the Michael Jackson playlist; they're not duets and he's not in the songs (like in Somebody's watching me from Hardwell). So why are they on that playlist?? They don't belong there!!
  • cbr1945
    September 15,2015. Approximately 1:30pm. I was playing Music from 1963. I chose LITTLE TOWN FLIRT and was counted INCORRECT! I KNOW I WAS CORRECT.
    Carolyn Baldwin Reid
    Hate to lose when j was correct

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