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  • Starbuxbaybee
    How is DMX and NWA 70s super sounds ?
  • Starbuxbaybee
    How is DMX and NWA 70s super sounds ?
  • Sandy Grace

    leader of the pack, wild thing. susie q and born to be wild are all 60s hits. i just found another one, but, can't remember the name now that i'm here. :(

    does anyone check for accuracy? doesn't look like it.

  • James Kirchner

    Lot's of 80,s tto. Talking Heads, cake, NWA, Get it right please

  • Sandy Grace

    here some more that don't belong in this category:

    deep red bells - neko case 2002!

    fast car - tracy chapman 80s

    bad moon rising - ccr 60s

    wouldn't it be nice? - beachboys 60s

    goin up the country - canned heat 60s

    magic carpet ride - steppenwolf 60s

    travelin man - ricky nelson early 60s.

    is anybody reading these? 

  • Sandy Grace

    if you're going to put time restraints on a category, you better make sure the songs fit within those restraints. so many in this category do not. i reported some yesterday, but, that post disappeared.

  • Chris Miller

    Add Stone Temple Pilots to the list.


  • Zac Gray

    This playlist is just Road Trip Songs (identical) in case you haven't realized.

  • Mark McDermott

    "Leader of the Pack" by the Shangri-Las is from 1964. You tell me what category it should go in. Just not this one! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leader_of_the_Pack

  • Robert W. Ray
    Spirit of Radio by Rush was released in 1980. Not a 70's Supersound. You guys really need to square your mistakes away. It doesn't take that much work to make sure things are as advertised
  • Mark McDermott

    Rob, going by the way we number years, you know, starting with Year AD 1 instead of 0, 1980 can count as the last year of the decade of the 70s, so I would allow a little wiggle room on that one. Rhino's legendary "Super Hits of the 70's" comps started with a song or two from '69. Personally, I draw the line at a girl group song from 1964 that it completely out of place in a 70s vein.

  • Robert W. Ray
    Mark, I can more easily understand songs from the 60s in this category because they received AirPlay in the 70s and became iconic to that decade. But Spirit of Radio is more closely associated with the 80s, not only for its release date but also for its musical style. Even less forgivable are bands that weren't even in existence by 1980, such as the rapper DMX (born in 1970), The 69 Eyes(formed in 1989), Oasis(1991), or Gorillaz(1998). Tom Cochrane, while an active act in the 1970s(can you name anything he did in that era?), didn't release Life is a Highway until 1991. So in short, no. I am not giving any leeway on the Rush song. Sadly, Rush is my favourite band and Spirit of Radio is an awesome song, it just doesn't belong in this list, like so many others.
  • Robert W. Ray
    Let me add Journey's Don't Stop Believin' and point out that my cousin's Folsom Prison Blues was originally released back in the 1950s, 55 to be exact, I believe. (Yes, Johnny Cash is/was my cousin.)
  • Sandy Grace

    i got a response from songpop that this can't be fixed. the songs were chosen by a sponsor. obviously a clueless sponsor. i wrote back asking them to talk to the sponsor and ask them to at least change the name to "supersounds" and leave off any decade references. also, the term supersounds is subjective and is just the sponsors opinion. oh well, at least we tried.

  • Colin Gorton

    Oooh! I got a good one! 

    Ja Rule (wtf?) "Put It On Me." That's from 2000! Rap hadn't even been created then. OK, the guy was born in Feb. 1976.

  • Chris Miller

    After seeing a couple mistake while playing, I looked at the the playlist on the app. More songs are wrong than right. These are all the tracks listed in the Playlist Details:


    Knight Rider Main Theme. Knight Rider didn't air until 1982.

    Born to be Wild, Steppenwolf: 1968

    Born in the USA, Bruce Springsteen: 1984

    Bang Your Head (Metal Health), Quiet Riot: 1982

    Don't Stop Believin', Journey: 1981

    I Will Survive, Cake: 1996

    Leader of thePack, The Shangri-Las: 1964

    Road to Nowhere, Talking Heads: 1985

    Ramblin' Man, The Allman Brothers: 1973

    Stayin Alive, Bee Gees: 1977

    Stuck in the Middle with You, Stealers Wheel: 1972

    Take it Easy, Jackson Browne: 1972

    The Weight, The Band: 1968

    Wanted Dead or Alive, Bon Jovi: 1986

    Wild Thing, The Troggs: 1965

    Ace of Spades, Motörhead: 1980

    Rock n Roll All Nite, KISS: 1975

    Ruff Ryders Anthem, DMX: 1997

    Spirit of Radio, Rush: 1980

    I Get Around, The Beach Boys: 1964

    Living Thing, ELO: 1976

    Bad Company, Bad Company: 1972

    Here I Go Again, Whitesnake: 1982

    Interstate Love Song, Stone Temple Pilots: 1994

    Spirit in the Sky, Norman Greenbaum: 1969

    Low Rider, War: 1975

    Suzie Q, Creedence Clearwater Revival: 1968

    Bad to the Bone, George Thorogood: 1982

    Slow Ride, Fog Hat: 1975


    Pretty sloppy, SongPop.

  • Betsi Tunnell

    Laredo-Band of Horses-2010!!!  1970's?  Really???

  • john hoffman

    at first  i thought 70s supersong may be 70s and modern songs with a 70s sound/vibe till i saw newer rap songs just revamp it a bit and itll be cool its the scoring that confuses the crap outta me

  • Dmsteves
    70's SuperSounds ERRORS

    Ruff Ryder's Anthem 1999

    Take it easy - sang by Glenn Fry Wrote by: Jackson Browne

    I will survive - sang by Gloria Gaynor in the 70's NOT Cake!

    Leader of the pack - 1964

    Road to know where - 1985
  • Tracey Schiess

    Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car"?  

    Beach Boys "I Get Around"?

    Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA"?

    CCR's "Susie Q"?


    I'm sorry, but who the hell is in charge of genre accuracy?  You're FIRED!


  • Jeff McClure

    Stuck in the Middle with You is Stealers Wheel, NOT Reservoir Dogs, the movie that used it.

  • Angela Burns
    I have just seen M83 and Stone Temple Pilots in this playlist *headscratcher*
  • Marshaandjon
    Yeah, in one round of 70's Supersounds I got Born in the USA, Born To Be Wild, and Folsom Prison Blues, which at least I was able to correctly guess even if they are from different decades than the 70's as advertised, along with some odd song called Deep Red Bells by Neko Case, which was released in 2002! That screwed my game up big time since I had never heard of the song or the woman! Thanks a lot, Song Pop!
  • Jacobkllr

    There is also music by Oasis (from the 90s) and The's (also formed in the 1990s but a retro sound. honest mistake).


    in response to some of James K's comment: The Talking Heads was from the 70s. Wondering which song though.. If it was "Psycho Killer" then its CORRECT because thats from 1977.

  • Flyinfitz

    Ruff Ryders Anthem in Supersounds of the 70's??? pretty sure DMX was like under the age of 10 in those days and was far from makin music

  • Craig Morton

    I bought this list cause I had it sent to me a few times, and liked the tunes .... and just figured that the songs were picked because the had a '70's supersounds" vibe to them, since yeah most of them not from the '70's

  • Nancy Laslo
    Oh, got an interesting one today: Move Bitch by Ludacris. Definitely not a 70's Supersound
  • Bobbyb

    Springsteen "I'm on Fire"  1980s

    Meat Puppets  1990s

    Stone Temple Pilots "Interstate Love Song 1990s

  • Bear Iswoken
    Staight outta Compton by nwa is not a 70s supersound and a song by stone temple pilots weren't a 70s supersound
  • Sydjclayman

    The band the Sings "One Toke Over the Line" is Brewer and Shipley...not Brewer!

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