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Wrong song




  • Jodie O'Brien

    Yes I agree. In the Jock Jams category I lost the game because there was an unfamiliar song attached to "Celebration by Kool and the Gang". I.e. Kool and the Gang was the correct answer but you did NOT have the song Celebration attached to them. Instead there is some other slow song. Can you please fix this - as I said, I would have won if the correct song was with the correct artist!

  • Djdanrichards
    In Country Classics the three bells by the browns is the wrong song
  • Christian Belmonte
    On Modern Rap... the clip plays 50 Cent's "Get In My Car". But the choice you give us is "Just A Little Bit"
  • Rob J
    2014: new year, new you-- The song labeled "Paramore - Still Into You" is some dude singing a country song!
  • ☆ Laurence ☆
    The song Super Hot by Fahrenheit is in the K-Pop (Korean pop) category but it isn't a K-Pop song, it's a C-Pop (Chinese pop) song. Plus, it is written that the title of the song is Too Hot but the real title is Super Hot.
  • Jj2coolj
    On #1 80z there is a song by human league the title is together in electric dreams but the title says human n now on the new 80z playlist released today u have done the same error can we fix this plze thanx :)))
  • Sasha Butler
    The 50 cent song get in my car is named as just a lil bit!!!! Fix it please, I c u have been notified about this before on here !!
  • Chereg
    In the 2014 New Year, New You category there is a listing for Still Into You by Paramore, but it plays a song by Clint Black. Been going in for weeks! Please fix!
  • Cathy Swafford-Rhodes
    Planet P project: you claim the song is "Why Me" wrong song. It is not that song.

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